List and explain some of the risk factors associated with the development of PTSD following a traumatic event.

List and explain some of the risk factors associated with the development of PTSD following a traumatic event.  What qualifies as traumatic? Do all people experience trauma in the same manner? Can PTSD only be experienced by combat veterans? Explain all answers thoroughly and with documentation. Be sure to cite and reference your sources using […]

Explain the social significance of the problem target behavior.

This assignment is the first component of your course project. Identify a real-life case example to study from your current workplace, your research, or the course resources. Please make sure you choose a case study that will allow you to fully explore all the course competencies as you progress through your project components. Refer to the […]

Theory about motivation

Choose a theory about motivation from the textbook (Chapter 10, section 10.1). Use the textbook as well as outside research to complete this assignment. Be sure and cite and reference your sources. Complete the following:List and explain the major concepts of the theory.List the important theorists involved in the theory as well as their contribution.Discuss […]

Sociocultural perspectives – 5 important facts every psychology student needs to know

sociocultural perspectives The purpose of this paper is to assess a psychology-related issue/event in another country and compare/contrast to similar issues in the United States. This paper should be 6 pages, 12-point font, 1” margins, and structured based on APA 6 manuscript formatting (visit for further guidance in the use of APA format). The […]

Functional Analysis Observation Form (FAOF): The 8 powerful sections of the FAOF

Creating a FAOF For this assignment, use the case study about James on page 263-276 in your Functional Assessment text. Create a blank Functional Analysis Observation Form (FAOF)using page 264-265 in your Functional Assessment text as a guide to document the behaviors of James. The disruptive target behaviors for this analysis include James’: Hits and […]

Potential target behaviors: Matt, a 5-year-old student with unusual behavioral tendencies

Prioritizing behavior Consider the following three potential target behaviors that have been identified for Matt, a 5-year-old student who attends a half-day regular kindergarten program. Matt’s case study can be found on page 210 in your Functional Assessment text. Inappropriate social greetings. Rocking stereotype. Refusal to do work. Part 2 Use the Worksheet  in the […]

Career Identity: here are 5 important facts you need to know about a career as a Trauma counselor

career identity as a trauma counselor Discuss additional ways you can find out more about occupations of interest as it specifically relates to your own career identity. Discuss what information you used to both confirm feasible choices and rule out those that are not of interest. Discuss where you can go to gain additional information […]

Qualitative analysis strategy : 5 best ways to synthesize data

Qualitative analysis strategy All article critiques should be in proper APA format. Use of appropriate, APA headings is REQUIRED for each main point and sub-point listed below.   1. Rationale for Article: Example: ‘The authors state that systemic-organizational consultation is an important model for professional counselors, but that it is under-emphasized in counselor training and practice […]

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