Contextualisation : Describe 3 important ways it is significant for the study of Muslims in minority contexts.

See attachments Pieri talks in his second chapter that in the study of a specific phenomenon one should also take into account its wider context. Why does he think this is important? Do you agree with Pieri? Briefly describe how you view contextualisation as significant for the study of Muslims in minority contexts. Is there […]

Urban Planning – The 5 important roles civic participation plays

Please discuss the following in essay format:  Discuss concepts of civic participation in the history of Urban Planning. According to the book excerpt, Robert Moses and the Transformation of Modern New York, why do the authors consider Robert Moses to be the “Master Builder?”  Was he a popular figure in the history of New York? According to […]

The painting above is the Napoleon Crossing the Alps. In 3 best ways, explain the origin, artist, style, context, and intent of this sculpture

Napoleon Crossing the Alps Examine the painting presented below. Reflect on what we have learned about Enlightenment, and explain both the history of the object, its context, and how it helps to shape our understanding of the period. Finally, compare this painting with another, contemporary work that references back to the Enlightenment. Napoleon Crossing the […]

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