Want Every Single Word Rewrite Essay For Me

Want Every Single Word Rewrite Essay For Me

Can some rewrite this essay for me I want EVERY SINGlE WORD MUST BE DIFFERENT!! NO SENTENCES CAN BE THIS SAME!!


Here is the essay!!

1.Socrates claims that “knowledge and belief are not the same”, and that, however, “both
those who have learned and those who believe have been persuaded” (454 d-e). The
difference in belief and knowledge is that there can be false beliefs. There is not a
possibility that there is such a thing as false knowledge. Knowledge is something that has
been proven and involves true meaning. Beliefs can simply be a perception of an
individual’s reality. Gorgias does agree with Socrates that the kind of conviction about
the right and wrong in a courtroom can be persuasive but that does not include whether
the information given is right or wrong. Although he is in agreement with Socrates, he
still maintains the belief that oration can convince a crowd on any subject, even if the
person speaking is not an expert in the subject, as long as they are able to persuade well.
Socrates is trying to get Gorgias to admit that an individual who is not skilled in the
subject that they are speaking about is more likely to persuade a crowd because they are
able to create the impression of good and make it seem desirable.

2. Gorgias states that “… I suppose that if he does not possess this knowledge, he can learn
these things from me” (460a). In this statement, he is contradicting himself because he is
saying that the person who has taught their students a specific subject is not responsible
for the unjust uses by the students. This is contradicting because he had previously stated
that anyone who is becoming an orator should know the difference between just and
unjust beforehand.

3. Polus believes that orators are the individuals who have the ultimate power in the city
that they live in and that the power in which they have is good for for them. Socrates
disagrees with that statement, saying that orators are not capable of have such power. He
compares orators and tyrants, stating that they both only do what is best for themselves
because of the good results that they think will happen. Socrates then says that an
individual only become powerful if the results that they receive are good. Most of the
time, they are unsuccessful with good results and this becomes a sign of weakness. Polus
then states that an individual who does what they want has to try to avoid the bad results,
which can include punishments. By doing so, they can achieve an advantage from their
actions and have good results for themselves. Socrates disagrees because he feels that if
an individual has done an unjust actions, by receiving a punishment, this will help them
improve themselves. When it comes to happiness, Polus believes that it is completely
based on the individual’s attitude toward concepts. Socrates agrees with him but then
Vigil 2
disagrees because in order to be happy, a person’s soul must be just because that is, in the
end, what seems to be the most beneficial to that person

4. Callicles believes that once an individual enters adulthood, they should not continue to
search for the truth through philosophy. He considers it to be childish because it provides
and encourages the lessening need to be interested in the political world. It also weakens
an individual’s power and makes them lesser of a man. An individual needs power in
order to achieve one’s desires and pleasures from which they will be satisfied. Rhetoric is
something that will allow that person to achieve all those things in order to be the best
they can be.

Can some rewrite this essay for me I want EVERY SINGlE WORD MUST BE DIFFERENT!! NO SENTENCES CAN BE THIS SAME!!THERE MUST BE NO PLAGIARISM!1Here is the essay!! 1.Socrates claims

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