Twin Sister Another Sister Genogram Of My Family

Twin Sister Another Sister Genogram Of My Family

The paper should include:

  • A brief background of your family.
  • An analysis of your family genogram critically examining how family issues may affect your professional use of self in practice and your (and/or family members’) social and psychological functioning.
  • A discussion of how you have been influenced by your own family of origin – essential to effective practice with Hispanic families (self-awareness).
    Self-awareness can be assessed in terms of your own ethnic self-identification, cultural socialization and accompanying biases, understanding of the values patterns and worldviews of yourself and other culturally diverse populations, especially Hispanic families, etc.

The paper should be between 2 and 3 double-spaced pages, not including title page or references, and must be in correct APA style and free of grammar and spelling errors

Background on my family we come from the Getto the MLK area of Shreveport La. I have a twin sister another sister and two brothers. We did what all siblings to while growing up fight and get into trouble. It was just my mother who took care of us and she was very strict.There was no room for to many mistakes if so we were punished harshly. My family issue as I look back affect me on how not to raise kids in a military manner and let them run and play and learn from their mistakes. I take that in consideration when I am assessing other families in a social or psychological setting. Many of the Hispanic families that I assess have a problem letting their kids make mistake and learn from them. I always give them advice on give them the information and let them learn from their mistake majority of them will remember what was said and thank you later for the advice. What I have learn from my background is it is never to late to make something of yourself no matter how old you are are where you come from all ways surround yourself around those who knows what you what to know.

The second project hear it is. This is some you will come up with off the top of your head. Just one page paper will do

Conduct the infant/toddler observation and caregiver(s) interview.

  • Observe the Hispanic infant/toddler for about 45 minutes in his/her natural environment.
  • Interview the caregiver(s) for 15-20 minutes after your observation.
  • With the caregiver(s), discuss and analyze your observations of the caregiver(s) / child relationship.
  • Assess the relationship between an infant/child and his/her caregiver(s);
  • Assess the infant/child’s cognitive and social-emotional development;
  • Test theories to see how well they help you understand the observation;
  • Write an analysis paper of your interview/observation experience;

The paper should include:A brief background of your family.An analysis of your family genogram critically examining how family issues may affect your professional use of self in practice and your

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