Tab Living Case See Details Below

Tab Living Case See Details Below

3a. Living Case Analysis Project – Motivation

On the course Bb shell under the tab “Living Case Analyses” students will find a hotlink to the MediaSite presentations to be used for the Living Case Analysis Projects in Motivation and in Leadership. For the Living Case Analysis Project – Motivation, go to the MediaSite listing. On the left hand side you will see a series of folders and instructor names. Click on the folder with the name Kevin Love. A subfolder called “Living Cases in Motivation” will appear. Click on this subfolder. Three living cases will be displayed in the listing. Use Living Case in Motivation Panel Presentation. This video will feature Professor Kayla Slezak and Chief Martin Trombley (retired). The topic of the case is Motivation. They provide a presentation about their background and the principles they use to motivate others. They then respond to students’ questions. After viewing the presentation, you will need to address the specific questions stated below.

Here are the questions and format for the Living Case Project – Motivation assignment.

  • Describe eachSpeaker’s basic assumptions regarding employee motivation. That is, what are the underlying principles which guide how the Speaker treats his/her people (i.e., their direct report subordinates, their students, etc.), designs situations, structures jobs, communicates, etc. which positively motivate them?
  • Describe the THEORIESof motivation (based upon those frameworks of motivation presented as part of this course) which can be applied to describe each Speaker’s motivational assumptions and actions.
  • Describe how eachSpeaker uses different motivational approaches for different types of people [e.g., their direct report subordinates, their students, etc.) or situations (e.g., day to day operations, in the classroom, etc.)].
  • From your personal perspective describe the most important LESSONSa new manager could learn from listening to eachSpeaker regarding how to motivate others to higher levels of performance.
  • Compare the two speakers and describe any differences in their respective approaches to motivation which you believe might be due to their gender (i.e., male versus female) and age or generation(i.e., under 30 versus over 60 years of age).

Please provide answers to all five items. While content is more important than length, your answer to each item should be a minimum of one page, although the expectation is that your paper will approximate 6-8 pages of double-spaced text. Make sure you provide specific and detailed examples from each Speaker’s presentation and his/her answers to the class members’ questions in addressing the above items. It is required that the student reference material from the textbook, the recorded presentations, or other authoritative sources (e.g., journal articles, other textbooks, newspaper/magazine articles, etc.) to support their assertions as stated in the paper. You don’t have to use any particular citation format. For example you could say “On page XXX in the text, Equity Theory is described as . . .I think this relates to the Speaker’s approach to motivation as . . .”

3a. Living Case Analysis Project – Motivation On the course Bb shell under the tab “Living Case Analyses” students will find a hotlink to the MediaSite presentations to be used

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