Shaf Https Active Learning

Shaf Https Active Learning

Listen to all four parts of this hourlong podcast of The TED Radio
Hour about the Right to Speak. Take notes, as I want you to quote some
of these people in your answers.

As we consider the puzzle that is free speech and whether to allow
hate speech, consider the the question framed this way: Should we
tolerate the intolerant?

Popper Paradox of Intolerance

  1. Research a situation involving a fight on campus between the rights
    of someone to speak and the rights of people not to be subject to
    hatred. Detail it here. What would you have done if you were on that

  2. In the USA, we are strong advocates of the right to free speech. It is in our Bill of Rights. The First Amendment.

    what does scientific research and philosophical writings tell us about
    free speech, the right to speak and tolerating hate speech? Some website
    searches can help. Google search, of course. Google Scholar linksLinks to an external site. to scientific research articles. Popular books. Is Popper right or wrong?

    am looking for an answer here that shows you did the research, quoted
    the pertinent parts of that research and drew some shared meaning from
    all the research that you did on free speech/right to speak. What
    revelation did you have as a result of that research? You do not need to
    use footnotes or a Citations page (though a Sources Cited at the bottom
    of this paper always helps), but just attribute in the body of your
    answer to the source where you found the information.

  3. Close with a 2-3 sentence paragraph that synthesizes what you
    learned in this exercise. Answer this question: If USF scheduled the
    most odious person on the Earth in your opinion to come speak here,
    would you go and listen; protest and shout them down; or stay away?

To Complete this Assignment:

  1. Listen to the podcast and answer Items 1-3 above, and number them, please.
  2. Limit your submission to 2 pages. I am not seeking a term paper. Concise and targeted answers vs. bluster and BS.
  3. 12 point font, preferably Times New Roman. 1.5 to double spaced.
  4. Put your name, MMC 3602 and Semester at top of page. File name: YourFullName_ALA-2_F18.pdf
  5. Convert your paper to PDF and upload to this assignment page.

Please consult the grading rubric carefully to ensure you include all the critical analysis that I am looking for.

Listen to all four parts of this hourlong podcast of The TED Radio Hour about the Right to Speak. Take notes, as I want you to quote some of these

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