See Resources Previously Given Human Sexuality Ap

See Resources Previously Given Human Sexuality Ap

Write a 4-5 page paper on a topic of your choice (anything related to Human Sexuality). In addition to your 4-5 pages of actual text, you will include a Title page and a References page

(both in APA style) Your topic can be an extension of the learning we

have completed this semester on any topic that you select.

This is a research paper and there are specific requirements for your research. You must include a minimum of 1 scholarly journal article as reference and 2 additional references.

You may use additional references types (books, videos, websites,etc.)

but at least one (1) of the three (3) required sources must be from a

Scholarly Journal which includes information about an actual study

involving your topic. Remember that a Scholarly Journal Article will

have an abstract and original research (not just an article that

discusses another study). Publications such as Psychology Today, Web

M.D.,etc. do NOT count as scholarly articles.

Acceptable Formatting for the Paper

This paper must be typed (double–spaced) and in APA format (see resources previously given). A title page as well as a reference page
must be included (see APA format information) . Your use of APA style
in your reference page and title page will be part of your grade as well
as your use of in-text citations.

This paper will be a
review of the literature (see APA form and website for additional
information). Remember a review of the literature means researching
what other psychologists have learned about your topic through their
research. Use your 3 sources (minimum…you are free to include
additional sources if you like) to present your findings on your topic.
To complete your paper you will write a conclusion (called Discussion)
in which you sum up what you have learned and what you conclude about
your topic. The Discussion section is a separate section in your paper.
You will actually center the word Discussion within the text of your paper and under this subheading, present your conclusion. Your last page will be your References. See the APA handouts or check the “Purdue Owl” for actual examples of papers that review the literature.

Here are a few things to double check before submission:

  • Do I have a title page in correct APA form?
  • Did I include a Running head in the upper left hand corner of all pages (see APA writing folder for exact instructions)?
  • Did I begin numbering my pages with the title page as “1?”
  • Did I center my full title above my text on page 2?
  • Did I paraphrase rather than use direct quotes from my sources?
  • Do I have a Discussion section as the conclusion to my paper with the actual word Discussion centered within my text?
  • Do I have a References page in proper APA format?
  • Is my writing clear, with a nice “flow?”
  • Did I include in-text citations for ALL citations?
  • Did I proofread my paper for grammar, spelling, mechanics, punctuation and general stylistics?
  • Did I review the grading rubric to ensure that I am meeting the standard?

Here is a link that explains APA basics or refer back to our APA folder and the “Purdue Owl” site:

Write a 4-5 page paper on a topic of your choice (anything related to Human Sexuality). In addition to your 4-5 pages of actual text, you will include a Title

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