See Imaged Attached Named Art Discussions

See Imaged Attached Named Art Discussions

Discussion 1 :

Recap of Museum or Gallery Visit ( Unit 4 visit MUSEUM visit is attached see document titled biggs_denise_u4a1 to complete questions )

In Unit 4, you were required to visit a museum or gallery, explore the space, and select one object for review.

For this assignment, share with your peers your reaction to the visit. The following are some questions to consider:

  • Why did you choose this facility?
  • Was it the first time you visited?
  • What did you find most interesting about your visit?
  • Did anything surprise you?
  • What were the things you liked best and least about the gallery or museum?
  • What object did you select to review and why?

Discussion 2:

Art Reaction Journal ( see imaged attached named discussion_2_image_ info , for this DISCUSSION response)

Discussion Introduction

Over the last few weeks in your An Introduction to Art Criticism textbook you have been building a vocabulary of art terms for analyzing art. For this discussion, apply what you have learned to critically analyze a work of art from the late Gothic and early Renaissance periods, using some of the language of art analysis.

Here is a review of the four-step process:

  1. Name and describe the facts. Simply identify the objects in the artwork by describing what you see.
  2. Analyze the facts. Using the language of art, describe what elements of the artwork catch your attention. These could be elements such as shapes, lines, colors, or textures.
  3. Interpret the evidence. Based upon what you learned in steps 1 and 2, what do you think the artwork is about? What ideas, moods, emotions, messages, or stories do you think the artwork communicates?
  4. Judge the work of art. Do the objects, elements, and meaning of the artwork achieve the desired result, in comparison with other works of art?


For this discussion, select one image from any of those found in Chapters 18, 19, and 20 in our Art History textbook. Be sure to cite your reference so that we can follow your critical analysis. Follow the four-step process to describe, analyze, interpret, and judge your chosen image. Format resources and citations according to current APA style and formatting. Post your results in the discussion area.

Response Guidelines

Provide substantive responses to the initial posts of at least two other learners. Using the same four-step process and acting as an art critic, examine the selected artwork. Respond to the following:

  • Describe any additional facts.
  • Identify any additional elements that caught your attention.
  • Explain any other ideas, moods, emotions, or messages you think the artwork communicates.
  • Offer your judgment of the artwork.

Any resources and citations must be formatted according to APA style and formatting.

Discussion 3:

Peer Review of Project Outline ( see course_project_details_and_instructions attachment for project details)

As you know, you have a final project due in Unit 10. To begin preparing, you will develop and post an outline of your preliminary ideas for the project in this discussion. You will also review and comment on your peers’ work. Examine the Creativity in the Workplace course project description to review the project requirements before you begin work on this discussion.

Note: You will need to set aside time each week to conduct your research for the final project. Begin work on identifying specific research resources now, as your Annotated Bibliography will be due in Unit 7.

Your outline should essentially summarize your initial project plan. Address the following areas, either in short paragraphs or in a bulleted list that corresponds to the topics below:

  1. Introduction: Describe the activity or program you have chosen and explain why this is an important issue to explore within the context of art. Note why this topic is significant to you.
  2. Critical Analysis: Using at least three terms or concepts encountered in the course thus far, identify the connections you observe between this activity or program and art—either in support of or in opposition to the topic. Consider ideas and concepts such as line, light, shape, color, texture, symmetry, and balance.
  3. Historical Perspective: What historical period of art produced images that may be related to the images chosen for this project? What similarities do you observe? What has changed?
  4. Selected Artists and Divergent Viewpoints: Identify one artist or piece of art that communicates a clear viewpoint on this topic. Compare and contrast this with another artist or piece of art that does not share this viewpoint. Briefly describe how these viewpoints differ.
  5. Career Implications and Public Response: What are the perceived career implications of this topic on your day-to-day activities? In what way do you see the creative process impacting your major? What are you basing this conclusion on? For example, what part does creativity and imagination play in your daily activities? What does this tell us about how the creative process adds value or job satisfaction to your major? Be sure to support your views using materials from the course or outside research.

Be sure to organize your outline in such a way that your peers can clearly follow your plan and easily offer comments, insights, or suggestions on your work. Share your outline as an attachment to your initial discussion post. Resources and citations are formatted according to APA style and formatting.

Discussion 1 : Recap of Museum or Gallery Visit ( Unit 4 visit MUSEUM visit is attached see document titled biggs_denise_u4a1 to complete questions )In Unit 4, you were required

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