Section Discussing Alternative Strategies Strateg

Section Discussing Alternative Strategies Strateg

Instruction for Memo:

“Since the beginning of the semester, you have been analyzing a company and thinking about its strategies. The first two pieces of the assignment (external and internal analysis) were purely analysis. When you did the third paper (on business positioning and on innovation etc.), you were studying the firm’s strategy formulation.

Now you are working on a memo that will:

1) summarize what the company does for its customers,

2) diagnose the company’s competitive situation (that is, tell what key challenges its external environment poses and whether its internal strengths, – its resources and capabilities – give it capacity to meet those challenges),

3) tell to what extent it has created or seems to be on the way to creating sustained competitive advantage

4) tell what the company’s basic guiding strategic policy appears to be,

5) analyze whether the guiding policy appears to be a good one, and

6) discuss alternative strategies the firm might consider and whether the firm ought to adopt those strategies.

7) Summarize what you think are the most important implications for the future of what you have learned about the firm and its strategies.

Note that if you say the company’s guiding policy is not good, the section discussing alternative strategies must propose an alternative guiding policy.

Even if you believe the guiding policy is excellent, however, you must propose alternative actions that might implement the policy better. In the end, after summarizing some alternative policies, you may conclude that none of them would really be improvements over the company’s current strategies. (If you are studying a well-run firm, you do not have to discover real improvements to the firm’s strategies in order to get an “A.”) But you must list some alternative strategies and discuss whether benefits and costs of implementing them.

The memo is written for busy executives in the firm itself, in consulting firms that serve the firm, and in companies that buy from, sell to, or compete with the firm. It should not be too long. Typically a good memo will be about six double-spaced pages including references. (It may also include illustrations, which don’t count as part of the 6-page limit.)

NOTE: Your memo is not for people interested in buying the company’s stock. Do not include information on whether the company’s stock should be purchased such as price-earnings ratios.”

I will give you all previous papers that connection with this Memo to you below. Please read all of them and do perfect paper for Memo of company Costco. Then upload to to check and send me turnitin report when you finish paper. Please writing Memo carefully because my professor is a hard-grader. He will read one-by-one word in paper and compare with source what you use in paper. PLEASE WRITE IT CAREFULLY.

Instruction for Memo:”Since the beginning of the semester, you have been analyzing a company and thinking about its strategies. The first two pieces of the assignment (external and internal analysis)

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