Rubriccrr 4 Rubriccrr 4 Essay Help

Rubriccrr 4 Rubriccrr 4 Essay Help

-you can use apa format


Now that we have established a mutual understanding of critical theory, and the private and public purposes of schooling, etc., we will transition to learning about and practicing democratic education and critical pedagogy. This means that we will endeavor to move toward a different understanding about what the radical possibilities and purposes of education can and should be.

The following readings and CRR assignment aim to introduce you to more democratic and critical models of teaching and learning.

Note: Feel free to create a Sketchboard (instead of a written CRR) in response to the CRR questions. You can the use Screencastify to narrate how the images/symbols and connections you make answer the questions below. Then, you can submit the link to your screencast through this assignment page.

Readings Due:

  1. Freire, P. (1970/2006). Pedagogy of the Oppressed. (Ch. 2)View in a new window (note that the PDF is a full copy of the book, but you only need to read Ch. 2)
  2. Shor, I. (1992). Empowering education: Critical teaching for social change. (pp. 11-15View in a new window).
  3. Giroux, H. (2011). On Critical Pedagogy. Ch. 1: Critical Pedagogy in Dark Times (pp. 3-14View in a new window)
  4. Wise, J. & Bone, W. (1989). Why Grades Are OppressiveView in a new window.

Recommended reading if Ch.2 of Freire needs some more clarification for you:

Giroux, H. (2011). On Critical Pedagogy. Ch. 8: Rethinking Education as a Practice of Freedom: Paulo Freire and the Promise of Critical Pedagogy. (pp.152-158View in a new window).

CRR Questions:

For this CRR, please read through all of the questions below, then pick five of to answer.

  1. What is the relationship between neoliberal education, oppression, and hegemony?
  2. What is the relationship between critical pedagogy and democracy?
  3. What is the role of education as a public good? More specifically, how might critical pedagogy serve as a counter-hegemonic possibility for education and schooling, and response to oppression?
  4. Whose interests do public education serve under critical versus neoliberal pedagogy?
  5. What is a culture of questioning and why is it important?
  6. How does critical pedagogy humanize students, develop their critical consciousness and capacity as agents of change?
  7. How does critical pedagogy support teachers and students’ ability to act/intervene in society to make social change?
  8. How are the private purposes of education dehumanizing?
  9. Marx argues that all social relationships are economically determined. Under a Freireian/Critical Pedagogical perspective, how might we re-imagine social relationships and their “determining” factors?
  10. What is the hidden curriculum’s relationship to “banking education”?
  11. What is the relationship between grading and banking education?
  12. How is banking education dehumanizing?
  13. What is the function of a banking education and grading in a capitalist society?


CRR 4 Rubric

CRR 4 Rubric

Criteria Ratings Pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeAnswer CRR QuestionsAnswered all CRR questions in a thorough Manner.

4.0 to >0.0 pts

Full Marks

Demonstrates a clear understanding of the readings and the author’s main points by answering CRR questions using textual evidence (e.g., direct quotes, and passage paraphrasing) to support these points and explicit citations to the texts.

0.0 pts

Does not demonstrate

Does not demonstrate a clear understanding of the reading. Does not articulate author’s main points. Does not use textual evidence to support assertions/arguments/analysis. Does not use citations to text.

4.0 pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeText ConversationsPlace texts in conversation with each other.

3.0 to >0.0 pts

Full Marks

Compares, contrasts, and synthesizes assigned texts in relation to each other to demonstrate expanded understandings of key concepts/theories that a single reading does not provide. For example, “Grande’s theory of Red Pedagogy paired with Marx’s Theory of Historical Materialism allow us to understand x, y, and z about capitalism and schooling.”

0.0 pts

Does not place texts in conversation

Does not compare, contrast, or synthesize the assigned texts to demonstrate the ways in which the pairing of texts allow us a greater understanding of theories or concepts presented in each text.

3.0 pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeConversation with the textsIndividual analysis of texts

3.0 to >0.0 pts

Full Marks

Draws on readings and other content, e.g., current events, in relation to personal experiences to include individual, thoughtful analysis and interpretations of the texts under examination for CRR.

0.0 pts

Conversation with the texts

Does not draw on the reading, current events, and personal experience to analyze and interpret the text’s theories/key concepts.

3.0 pts

Total Points: 10.0

-you can use apa formatOverviewNow that we have established a mutual understanding of critical theory, and the private and public purposes of schooling, etc., we will transition to learning about

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