Recommendations Would Look Like Impact Of Covid 1

Recommendations Would Look Like Impact Of Covid 1

I have written a paper regarding the impact of pandemic on the health and knowledge sector in Dubai.

I received the following feedback:

1) Scenarios B and C (under section 3.2.2) – In scenarios A we’ve overcome covid19, it would be interesting to explore what is happening in scenarios b and c in terms of COVID19 and future pandemics. So, further elaboration on where we stand in relation to the pandemic are we in scenario B and C.

2) Recommendation 1 : under section 3.2.3 (addresses attracting human resources to healthcare sector) – Discuss the reasons why the healthcare sector is not attractive, and how you believe it can become more attractive for individuals

– Explore pay recommendations, perhaps alignment with the different sectors when it comes to pay

3) Recommendation 2 – Discuss how you see the research infrastructure moving forward for the healthcare sector, look at it from a research angle (how would that look like?). Link it to the advanced science strategy.

4) This document would be used as a recommendation document for stakeholders, when they are going through it, they need to be able to understand your points and the recommendations you are trying to create in order for them to build on it.

– In order for that to happen you need to elaborate why you think the first 3 recommendation are of priority? Talk about these recommendations more in depth, give examples of how the recommendations would look like realistically? Explore who would be the champions (which government or private entity should own or lead this) of each recommendation? Who should collaborate on it? What particular initiatives could come out of it? What are some challenges of the recommendations?

5) Identify the time-frame behind the recommendations determine what is near term, midterm, and long term, and categorize them accordingly. Don’t forget to specify the years behind the terms.

* Attached is the document.

I have written a paper regarding the impact of pandemic on the health and knowledge sector in Dubai.I received the following feedback:1) Scenarios B and C (under section 3.2.2) –

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