Really Focused Around Personality Respond Assignm

Really Focused Around Personality Respond Assignm

hello , please write a respond to each student ( 80 words for each one )

Makayla Burnett

1) First, Dolan narrowed down the application by matching resumes to job requirements. He then set interviews for the smaller list of applicants. Dolan then did a personality test to ensure that the remaining applicants matched what they were looking for in the company. If it were me, I would have done the personality test before the interviews. I feel like the interviews are a final step and should have the least amount of people. The interview should be the most telling part of the process and it should be easy to pick after it.

2) An advantage of the personality tests is that the employer can easily see the applicant’s strengths and weaknesses. It makes it easy to see if someone has the traits you are looking for in an employee. On the other hand, it is not ideal for a company to have a ton of the same personalities. Someone may think they only want extroverts in sales; however, a balance is what helps ensure things are looked at in many angles

3) Dolan focused mainly on personality traits. Personality traits are very important. However, if he is looking at traits based on the current sales rep, then, he is going to have a room full of the same exact people. Diversity in the mind is what makes a group successful. I feel as though it would help to look at the applicant’s cognitive abilities. I feel that it is more telling than personality traits.

Christina Rees

1. The selection methods that Bob Dolan used were first he received 100 resumes, from there he set up reviewed the applications and set up interviews with people were he was able to narrow his list to 20 people. In order to narrow he he set up personality tests for them to do where there was a bench mark in place. From there they choose the best people who had the best previous accounts in the last two years.

2. The advantages of it show the type of people and characteristics of them before they are hired, it also allowed him to see the type of personality traits that his best workers have that would be needed for the job. Some disadvantages of it are that the results could be not accurate or like one of the workers he wasn’t able to change so after three years he was laid off.

3. He used personality testing for his selection decision, some improvements that I think they could take are too not be so focused and worried about the personality test because it is not always going to be accurate. I think they should still use it but not as far down in the process that determines whether they get hired or not.

Shelby Creasman

  1. What selection methods did Bob Dolan use for hiring salespeople? Did he go about using these methods in the best order? What, if anything, would you change about the order of the methods used?
    – He categorized the resumes through job requirements narrowing down the search, as well as personality tests to match up with the results from their one strong sales rep to ensure the individuals were fit for the job. I believe he did use these methods in the best order because he essentially eliminated the unfit candidates early on, so he didn’t have to test the 100 applicant’s vs the 10 applicants he chose. I don’t think I would change the order of methods he used.
  2. What were the advantages to Kinaxis of using personality tests to help select sales representatives? What were the disadvantages?
    – An advantage to using the personality test was being able to see certain characteristics the company is looking for and they portray them strongly. A disadvantage was although one candidate had everything they were looking for, he still ended up not succeeding in his career and caused them to waste time on them.
  3. Given the information gathered from the selection methods, what process did Dolan use to make his selection decision? What improvements can you recommend to this process for decisions to hire sales reps in the future?
    – His selection method is really focused around personality testing, I believe he shouldn’t hire people that only match up with their current/successful sales rep traits just because although they seem like they’d be good, you can’t have numerous sales reps doing the same things, you want them to have their own traits that are strong suited for themselves to gain a competitive advantage.

hello , please write a respond to each student ( 80 words for each one )Makayla Burnett 1) First, Dolan narrowed down the application by matching resumes to job requirements.

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