Read José MaríA Morelos Sentiments Of The Nation

Read José MaríA Morelos Sentiments Of The Nation


  1. Read José María Morelos’s “Sentiments of the Nation” (file attached).
  2. Answer the following questions completely, thoughtfully, and to the best of your ability.
  3. All answers need to be in the form of complete sentences in formal written English.
  4. Please proofread your writing.
  5. You are allowed to copy and paste the questions to a new document, or download and modify this list of questions, to organize your answers.


  1. Read the introduction to the document carefully. There is very useful information in there, including biographical information on the author. (The document itself begins on page 398 with #1.) This information can serve as a starting pointfor some of your answers.
  2. Specifically, the introductory paragraphs point out some interesting pieces of the document, particularly related to Catholicism. While these points are useful and should likely be reflected in your answers below, you cannot simply repeat or copy what the editor said was noteworthy. It is a place to start.
  3. Look up words you do not understand. You are not limited to the document in terms of your analysis. You are absolutely NOT requiredto do any additional research, but you also do not have to pretend this is the only source of information available to you.
  4. Use class notes and my powerpoints to put the document in historical context. That’s pretty much the point of the assignment!

Questions: (Couple sentences per question)

  1. Who is the author? What is his background? How might this biographical information have impacted the writing of the document?
  2. When was the document written? Do you see evidence of influence from earlier events?
  3. Who do you think is the intended audience?
  4. If you were to group the 22 articles into themes or categories, what would they be? Are there any outliers?
  5. What issues seem to be the most important to the author? Why might they be prioritized? How did you come to that conclusion?
  6. Why might the appended article #23 (pg. 400) have been added to the document? What is the social, political, and/or cultural purpose of such an article?

Assignment: Read José María Morelos’s “Sentiments of the Nation” (file attached).Answer the following questions completely, thoughtfully, and to the best of your ability.All answers need to be in the form

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