Rawan Feel Quite Dejected Intercultural Communica

Rawan Feel Quite Dejected Intercultural Communica

Case Study: I’ll show him how we do things here

Rahim and Rawan immigrated to Canada to start a new life. Part of what excited them was the fact that many opportunities would open up for Rawan. Her dream is to get a diploma or degree but first she will need to improve her English. Their pre-planning involved quite a bit of internet research and figuring out what to bring and what to say. They have planned to go out and celebrate afterwards over coffee and pastries. In their country, it’s important to give detailed explanations and build rapport so they started by explaining the situation. Rahim’s English lacks some elements so he says, “Register my wife.” instead of “I would like to help my wife register.” He had no intention of being bossy but sometimes when you are learning a new language, your grammar and vocabulary fail you.

Candice provides intake services and a couple have arrived to get the wife enrolled. The man, Rahim, continues speaking for his wife, Rawan, even though Candice has pointedly responded only to the wife with her answers. At one point Candice asks, “Can’t she speak?” in a waspish tone and blocks the husband from looking at the document she is showing the wife. She doesn’t spend the time she usually does providing extra helpful information.

Rahim and Rawan feel quite dejected afterwards and not at all like celebrating. Rahim worries that his wife may learn this type of rude behavior at school. Rawan feels sorry for her husband as he has been treated in an undignified and unwelcoming manner. They had also had a list of additional questions but had been afraid to ask.

  1. What do you think Candice is most concerned about?
  2. What do you think the couple is most concerned about?
  3. What pre-verbal, non-verbal, verbal, and post-verbal mismatches will likely occur throughout this encounter?
  4. Did either party reach the desired outcome for themselves or for their organization?

Read the textbook before answering the questions. 600-800 words.

Case Study: I’ll show him how we do things hereRahim and Rawan immigrated to Canada to start a new life. Part of what excited them was the fact that many

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