Protective Helmet Little What Are 10 Issues In T

Protective Helmet Little What Are 10 Issues In T

Teddy Ballgame, a student at Endicott University School of Law, is spending the summer as a law clerk in the Massachusetts Appeals Court of Chief Justice George Herman Ruth. Judge Ruth and his wife, who he affectionately calls Babe, are baseball fans and have two season tickets to the Boston Red Shoes games at old Fanway Park. Babe is physically challenged, uses a wheelchair and needs accessible seating which only exists in the bleachers at the park. As a reward for good work, the judge gives away the seats to Friday evening games to clerks and employees of his court.

One Friday morning, Judge Ruth told Teddy he was happy with his work and asked if he was going to watch the big game between the Chicago Cubes and Red Shoes that evening. Teddy answered he was going to watch the game with his girlfriend Carrie Harry who is 19 years old, from Chicago and a Cubes fan. As the workday came to a close, the judge left the courthouse in a hurry and without giving his tickets away for the game that evening. Seeing the tickets on a table in the judge’s chambers, Teddy decided to take them. After all, the judge told him how happy he was with his work earlier in the day. Teddy called Carrie and told her to meet him outside Fanway Park for the game.

Carrie met Teddy on Hockey Way. They proceeded along the street where they saw an unlicensed vendor selling t-shirts with the likeness of Red Shoes all-star player Little Poppy. Although Poppy had been accused of using a performance enhancing drug (PED), he never failed a league administered drug test. Teddy bought a t-shirt from the vendor while a disinterested Carrie read the disclaimer on the back of her admission ticket.

On the way into the park, Carrie and Teddy were searched for possession of illegal firearms and received a free Bradley Jackie, Jr. bobble-head doll manufactured by Toys of Buffalo, NY. As they headed towards the seats in the bleachers, Teddy noticed two open seats between the Red Shoes dugout and the edge of the protective screen behind home plate. Since Fanway Park ignored the Major Baseball Association rule to extend protective netting from behind home plate to the edge of each team’s dugout, these first row seats offered an unobstructed view they couldn’t refuse.

Just before the first pitch of the game, a beer vendor made his way down the aisle near Carrie and Teddy. Since Teddy got the tickets, Carrie purchased two beers for each of them from the vendor. After guzzling her two beers, a lightheaded Carrie decided to go to the bathroom. As she walked by the souvenir stand and into the restroom, a concessionaire believing she had stolen the Cubes cap she was wearing yelled “That’s her!” and locked her in the bathroom where she was detained during the game.

Soon after the game began, a fan jumped onto the field and startled Cubes player Bryant Kris by running aggressively towards him. Security apprehended the fan before he made contact with Kris. While this incident was attracting attention, Teddy saw Little Poppy’s protective batting helmet lying on the ground in front of his seat. He reached down, took the helmet before anyone noticed and asked the Chicago fan next to him if he could borrow his newspaper. The fan obliged and when Teddy placed the paper over the helmet to cover it, he noticed the headline read “Little Poppy PED User”.

The time was coming for Little Poppy to bat. Cubes pitcher Lester Jon and Poppy had been teammates in Boston until Jon was traded to Chicago after his reputation was soiled by Poppy’s incorrect and public statements that Jon cheated on his income taxes and vandalized swan boats in Boston Common. Unable to find his protective helmet, the Red Shoes batboy gave Poppy a replica batting helmet which came with the purchase of an extra-large ice cream sundae. Despite seeing the warning label stating, “This is not a protective helmet”, Little Poppy put the helmet on and stepped up to the plate. Still upset about what was said about him, Jon purposely threw a fastball at Poppy striking him in the head and knocking him unconscious. Jon was ejected from the game and as he walked off the field, upset fans began hurling their Bradley Jackie, Jr. bobble-head dolls towards him with many of them landing in the aisles.

As the innings moved along, Carrie had not returned from the bathroom and Teddy became worried. Paying little attention to the action on the field, his eyes were focused on the crowd when a foul ball struck him in the face fracturing his orbital bone. Seeing what had happened, an usher rushed down the aisle to attend to Teddy, tripped on a Bradley Jackie, Jr. bobble-head doll lying in the aisle and injured his neck.

Rain began to fall and despite a warning of lightning in the area, the game carried on. An EMT working at the park decided to escort Teddy and carry the injured usher under the grandstand so they would not get wet. As the EMT was doing this, a bolt of lightning struck the park, startled her and caused her to drop the usher who suffered a more serious injury to his spine. Fans headed for the exits and the game concluded without further incident.

Teddy Ballgame, a student at Endicott University School of Law, is spending the summer as a law clerk in the Massachusetts Appeals Court of Chief Justice George Herman Ruth. Judge

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