Propensity Toward Boredom Might 4 Discussion Repl

Propensity Toward Boredom Might 4 Discussion Repl

First discussion about :

Boredom Proneness Survey

Take the Boredom Proneness Survey, which was briefly described in the boredom video. It downloads as an Excel file. As noted in the video, average scores range from between 81 and 117. Once you take the survey, privately consider your results and their impacts on you, either positively or negatively.

For the discussion question, choose two questions on the inventory that you feel might connect to college student’s study strategies and describe how a student with a propensity toward boredom might use these specific strategies to reduce or negate the negative effects of boredom.

Note that the creators of the BPS created the survey questions so that a “1” is not always the “best” nor is always the “worst.” The reason it’s an Excel file is because there is a complicated (and secret!) system for determining the scores.

post number one :

For number 11, “I get a kick out of most things I do”, I think a student who has trouble with boredom could try to find the fun in what they are doing. If they hate studying history, they could try to pair it with something they like, such as taking a walk. They could also try to work in things they like such as movement if that’s something they think will help them study.
For number 2, “Frequently when I am working I find myself worrying about other things”, I would suggest that the student writes down a list of everything they are worried about. If they can easily fix the issue, then they should do it. If they can’t control it, then recognizing that is important. Then sort the reminding items into a list sorted by priority and then the student can feel as thought they are making strides to fix what is wrong. The studying could also be added to the list, and the student can see if their time is best spent elsewhere, or if studying is the most important thing for them to do at the moment.

post number two :

I got a 103 so I don’t get too bored too often, I am fairly average.

The first question i felt suited me most was ” my days are repetative and monotonous”. My job is one that is dairly routine with little deviation from the schedule. Havibg a schedule, and knowing what to do when can be nice. Sometimes a surprise here and there can be fun though too. Having something to break up the schedule can make the day not drag on forever.

The second question was “it takes a lot of challenge and variety to keep me happy”. This one fits me at work the most. I have been doing the same job for 5.5 years, and it is boring to me now. I need to learn new things on a regular basis or I will get bored and start to hate the job. Same with my home life. I can only go to the mall so often or eat out at the same few places before I go crazy. Throwing a wrench in the mix once in a while never hurt anyone.

second discussion about :

You have now watched all five videos CPEL Video 5 in Dr. Chew’s series. From the videos, what are two concepts that you found to be the most helpful and relevant to you and why?

post number three:

I honestly think this last video was a good one for me. I have been in the position where I bomb a test a few times and I just give up and move on, often thinking I am bound to fail or barely pass the class. I know going to the professor is the best thing to do, and depending on the professor I do meet with them. But it’s not always my first reaction.

The second thing I found to be helpful in this video series is the highlighting methods. Whenever I highlight I go overboard with 5 colors or I do nothing. There is no in between. So knowing what to highlight to be effective was a topic that I think has helped me in these videos.

I think the videos were full of useful information.

post number four :

I got the most help from the deep processing video and beliefs that make you fail video. I found the deep processing video helpful because I thought I knew everything I needed to know about how to learn. As it turned out, there were a few facts that I could use and a few things I was guilty of doing. This video broke down how to relate, personalize, and apply information in a format that anyone can use. I found the beliefs that make you fail video helpful because there were issues brought up that I either recently have done or have done in the past. I liked the video because one of the points of the video was “beliefs that make you stupid”. Simple, relatable, to the point. I also liked the use of tables and charts to further express his points. The topics were easy to follow and made sense.

First discussion about :Boredom Proneness SurveyTake the Boredom Proneness Survey, which was briefly described in the boredom video. It downloads as an Excel file. As noted in the video, average

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