Problem Service Guarantees Write Post 6 And 7

Problem Service Guarantees Write Post 6 And 7

M4 – Assignments

This module’s work focuses on Building Customer Relationships and Service Recovery.

For this module, complete the following.

1. Make your initial post to the class discussion. Note the time frames and due date(s) for later posts, then submit them accordingly.

2. For each chapter covered in this module:

– Review the Chapter Topics, Chapter Objectives and PowerPoint slides.

– Study the chapter in the text/e-text. Make notes, highlight, and review anything that you think might be important.

3. Take the module quiz. You are allowed two attempts. If you use both attempts, your score will be the average of the two.

4. Submit Services Marketing Journal Posts 6 and 7.

5. Review the instructions for your first course project, the Complaint Letter Response Analysis. Complete your anaysis paper based on the complaint you submitted in Module 2 and the firm’s response. Instructions are provided for an analysis where the firm responded and for an analysis where the firm did not respond.

Post 6: CH 6 – Levels of Relationship Strategies (Fig. 6.6)

Chapter 6 Topics

• Relationship Marketing

• Relationship Value of Customers

• Customer Profitability Segments

• Relationship Development Strategies

• Relationship Challenges

• Technology Spotlight: Customer Information Systems Help Enhance the Customer Relationship

• Global Feature: Developing Loyal Customers at Alliance Boots

• Strategy Insight: “The Customer Is Always Right”: Rethinking an Old Tenet

Chapter 6 Objectives

1. Explain relationship marketing, its goals, and the benefits of long-term relationships for firms and customers.

2. Explain why and how to estimate customer relationship value.

3. Introduce the concept of customer profitability segments as a strategy for focusing relationship marketing efforts.

4. Present relationship development strategies – including quality core service, switching barriers, and relationship bonds.

5. Identify challenges in relationship development, including the somewhat controversial idea that “the customer is not always right.”

Post 7: CH 7 – Service Recovery Strategies (Fig. 7.4)

Chapter 7 Topics

• The Impact of Service Failure and Recovery

• How Customers Respond to Service Failures

• Service Recovery Strategies: Fixing the Customer

• Service Recovery Strategies: Fixing the Problem

• Service Guarantees

• Switching versus Staying Following Service Recovery

• Technology Spotlight: Cisco Systems—Customers Recover for Themselves

Chapter 7 Objectives

1. Illustrate the importance of recovery from service failures in keeping customers and building loyalty.

2. Discuss the nature of consumer complaints and why people do and do not complain.

3. Provide evidence of what customers expect and the kind of responses they want when they do complain.

4. Present strategies for effective service recovery, including ways to “fix the customer after a service failure and to “fix the problem.”

5. Discuss service guarantees—what they are, the benefits of guarantees, and when to use them—as a particular type of service recovery strategy.

• Global Feature: Service Recovery across Cultures

• Strategy Insight: Eliciting Complaints

M4 – AssignmentsThis module’s work focuses on Building Customer Relationships and Service Recovery.For this module, complete the following.1. Make your initial post to the class discussion. Note the time frames

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