Price Taking Firms Like Complete Short Discussion

Price Taking Firms Like Complete Short Discussion


In this post, you will:

  1. Explain time management in your own words.
  2. Explain how a person truly knows if he or she manages time well. What evidence supports the idea that someone manages time well?
  3. Provide at least two time-saving tips that you use/ have used at school, at work, or in life, and explain how they have helped you.
  4. Explain how “I need” statements can help with time management.


To prepare for this week’s discussion, first go to YouTube and watch two videos:

(The above links are current; if they do not work, search for videos using the titles/key terms above.)

Now read “Lucy, You Have Some ‘Splainin’ to Do,” pp. 326-330 in The Writer’s Way.

For this discussion, think about the ways the student author, Nicole Benbow, connects something most of us are familiar with (The I Love Lucy television series) to larger issues concerning perceptions of women in the workplace. Think about how she tries to get us to see the TV series—and the larger issue—in a new way.

In your initial post, write a 75- to 150-word response in which you address the following questions:

  • What is the central point/thesis? What evidence does the author give to support this thesis? Is her argument convincing?
  • What is your reaction to this essay? Do you find Benbow’s argument convincing? Why or why not?
  • A good argument needs counterarguments. Can you think of some reasonable opposing views to Benbow’s argument?
  • Note the unorthodox structure the author employed in writing this essay. She begins with a riddle and solves it at the end. Is this an effective way to write an essay? What other rules does she “break”?

3: KW

High-risk pregnancy patients should be reported with a code from category O09 Supervision of high-risk pregnancy and should be the first-listed diagnosis. Select a code from the category O09 and discuss the condition associated with the code. What are some conditions that might put a woman in the “high risk”

4: KW


Discuss the three categories of Medicaid: categorically needy, medically needy, and special groups. Explain and provide an example of how there might be individuals that benefit from these programs while others that are in need might not qualify?

5: LC

Extemporaneous Examples

For this week’s discussion, give two examples of public speaking that you see every day. One example is a news anchor. Like us, news anchors present without being able to see their audience. Another example includes restaurant servers, because they may try to convince you to try a new item on the menu or special for that week. The ideas are endless!

Make your examples specific (give names and where you’ve seen these speakers, etc.). What makes your examples unique? What kind of public speaking skills (such as gestures or vocal delivery) impresses you about the speaker, or what turns you away? What can you tell us about the speaker’s style? Intonation? Language and expressions? Give us your thoughts!

6: LC

We often find there are many ways we can approach a given problem to solve. This
is especially true in mathematics. We all have our way of doing things and often we think they are the best way. This week we covered three different methods for solving a system of equations: substitution, elimination, and graphing.

In your initial post…

Tell us which method you prefer and why. What do you find wrong or lacking with the others. Keep in mind using example is a very useful tool to get your point across.

7: CA

A profit-maximizing price searcher will expand output as long as marginal revenue either exceeds or is equal to marginal cost, lowering its price or raising its price until the midpoint of their demand curve and highest total revenues are achieved.

Why are oligopolies able to earn both short-run economic profits and long-run economic profits, while price taking firms like perfect competitors can only earn short-run economic profits?

Review the characteristics of perfect competition and imperfect competition (monopolistic competition, oligopoly, and monopoly). Barriers to entry don’t exist for perfect competition, but barriers to entry exist for imperfect competition. What are the implications of barriers to entry to the firm and competition? Review consumer surplus and producer surplus; what happens to consumer surplus is price is above equilibrium, or in this case above normal profits?

8: CA

Plants and Fungi

Both plants and fungi have essential roles with the ecosystems to all organisms including humans. In your discussion, provide an example on the benefits that both plant and fungi play in the ecosystem and also discuss the economic benefit humans receive from plants and fungi.

9: TB

Within the first minute of your speech, your audience will be deciding whether to fully listen or not. You have one minute to engage your audience…what do you do? The audience will most likely remember the beginning and the ending of your speech, rather than the middle part of your speech. Thus, having a strong closing is important as well.

Initial Posts…

Think back to the speeches we’ve analyzed so far, including your classmates’ speeches. Which of the speeches included strong introductions and strong conclusions? What made these components memorable? Reflect on your own speeches; how could you have improved your introductions and conclusions?

Next, find tips online and share them with the class. Remember to find scholarly articles or videos. If the author/speaker says they’ve learned something from experience, that’s advice you can trust.

10: TB

In your discussion this week you have to write a short newscast. Select three (and only three) current news stories. Select the three stories that you think are the most important to our nation and society.

  • Write an original headline for each story.
  • Write no more than three sentences summarizing each story.
  • Include the full html web address for each story.

It is very important to only write on three stories and keep your summaries under three sentences as this simulates how challenging it is to explain very complicated new stories in very restricted time and keeping the attention of viewers.

Your initial post will look something like this:

Catchy Headline #1

Summary sentence 1. This is the second sentence. And finally a third sentence.

Catchy Headline #2

Summary sentence 1. This is the second sentence. And finally a third sentence.

Catchy Headline #3

Summary sentence 1. This is the second sentence. And finally a third sentence.

1:In this post, you will:Explain time management in your own words.Explain how a person truly knows if he or she manages time well. What evidence supports the idea that someone

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