Paid Trips Among Others Adv Org Man Written Assig

Paid Trips Among Others Adv Org Man Written Assig

Answet the statments below at least 200 words each answer

Please include the questions in the submission.


  1. Culture emergence: While in the discussion you described the culture as it presently exists, the question now is ‘how did that culture emerge’? You may be able to observe this or gain an understanding from the “evidence” you reviewed previously, but you may need to ask others in the organization. How did the culture come to be what it is today? Has it been fairly constant over the years or have there been changes in the culture? In the paper, explain how the present culture came to be.
  2. The role of leaders in cultural development and/or change: As you look at the organization’s culture, what relationship do you see between it and the leaders of the organization? Do they leaders play a role in shaping the culture? Have they played a role in cultural change initiatives or shifts? Discuss the relationship between the leaders of the organization and the culture, the emergence of culture or cultural elements and the role of leaders in organizational/cultural change.
  3. The role of ethics: Observe, look at organizational information or ask others their input regarding the role of ethics in the organization’s culture. Does the organization seem to have a strong ethical component in its culture or do you may see some inconsistencies? Keep in mind that ethical considerations may have a positive or negative impact on the organization, may be large or small in scale, widespread or isolated. Regardless of how the ethics are manifest, there is an impact on the organization. Be sure to describe the role of ethics in this organization’s culture.

My response to the disussion post that is referenced in the questions

Meaning and Function of Organizational Culture

Organizational culture refers to those unique behaviors or values that contribute to an organization’s psychological or social environment. These values or behaviors may include the philosophy, the experiences and the expectations that keep the organization glued together. Organizational culture is expressed in an organization’s future expectations, its self-image, its interactions with the external environment and its internal operations. The basis of organizational culture can be said to be the written and unwritten rules, the customs, and the shared values and beliefs that an organization develops over time (Ouchi & Wilkins, 1985).

There are several roles that organizational culture plays in an organization. For instance, the ways in which employees interact in the workplace are shaped by organizational culture. When organizational culture is healthy, employees are motivated to be loyal to organizational management and to work (Ouchi & Wilkins, 1985). And in so doing, positive organizational culture helps in creating a sense of unity in the workplace. In addition to this, the brand image of an organization is shaped by its culture. In other words, the organization gets its unique identity from the work culture that it encourages.

Question 1. b)

Current Employer’s Organizational Culture

I currently work as a Billing Analyst for an office co-sharing space company, and I can say that my employer is really great. The culture is one that many outsiders admire. Apart from the free meals that we get during workdays, employees also have other benefits such as financial bonuses, employee recognition, a number of promotions annually, parties for employees and paid trips among others. All these factors come together to create a team culture in the workplace, which also serves as incentives to win the loyalty of employees. The key takeaway from this culture is that organizations should strive to be firms that employ

Answet the statments below at least 200 words each answer Please include the questions in the submission. APA Culture emergence: While in the discussion you described the culture as it

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