New York City Food Need Help With Canvas Discussi

New York City Food Need Help With Canvas Discussi

DA 7: Review the following news items to motivate your discussion.

Lean Operations at a NY City Food Bank

For your discussion, I am including below a links to news item and video profiling how New York City food bank is using lean operations to improve its operations so it can get more meals to more families lean principle contributed to substantial improvement in operational results at a food bank. Provide your opinion on what your learned from it in context of implications for lean principles on operations in a not-for-profit context.

News Item 1: In Lieu of Money, Toyota Donates Efficiency to New York Charity (clicking this link will download the item as a PDF file)

News Item 2 (Video): Lean Operations at a Food BankLinks to an external site.(clicking this link will open an external site to containing the video)

This is my friends post for sample:

Business systems in modern businesses are considered extremely important in order to maximize efficiency. Many companies are coming up with methods to speed up work and lower the number of defects. From experience, I can see that in a normal business, efficiency improves from workers’ experience of working a job over a long period of time. The experienced workers are able to realize how to improve systems in order to be faster and more efficient. In the case of non-profit organizations, many of their hired employees are volunteer workers. As a result, there are little to few long term employees experienced enough to improve business systems. Toyota is well known for their quality business systems. They are continuously improving (Kaizen) to make business operations more efficient. As professionals of business systems, having them come in and design business systems can be worth billions of dollars for a company. Toyota has given this service to the non profit food bank for free. Clearly there is a lot of value in the systems Toyota has designed for them. There were shorter lines, trucks were able to transport more boxes, and packaging time was reduced by 94%. Data shows that Toyota’s designed had clearly improved the systems in the food bank.

In my opinion, I believe chances of business system improvement would have been very low if Toyota had not redesigned the system for the food bank. Many of the employees have not worked there consistently enough in order to rethink the systems to improve efficiency. I learned that business systems at first may seem simple and easy to figure out on the spot, but in reality, by putting effort into designing a quality system, the business will see incredible improvement.

DA 7: Review the following news items to motivate your discussion.Lean Operations at a NY City Food BankFor your discussion, I am including below a links to news item and

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