Natural Ways Given Violent Case Study

Natural Ways Given Violent Case Study

Read the uploaded files, answer the questions below: (3 questions)

1. After the release of its IPO filing, Twitter has come under heavy scrutiny for the lack of women amongst its board, investors, and executive team — save for Vijaya Gadde, General Counsel, who was appointed 5 weeks ago. High tech has long been criticized for having a gender imbalance, with only 5.7% of employed women in the US working in the computer industry; but in the wake of Sheryl Sandberg’s top seller, “Lean In,” the issue is front and center in the public consciousness. Critics of Twitter claim that the lack of gender diversity is among the many symptoms of Silicon Valley’s chauvinistic and male-dominated culture. Those close with Twitter’s CEO, Dick Costolo, report that finding a woman board member has been a priority, but has been a difficult process.

Is Twitter in the wrong for going to IPO without a diverse leadership team? If so, should the public hold them accountable? ( read the
Worker Entitlements
file below)

2. Does one’s right to free speech have priority over a person’s right to be free from harassment? Explain your position. ( read the ConsentingtoSex and Discrimination Lecture below)

3. The school shooting at Virginia Tech was the first one that really impacted me. As a professor, knowing that this kind of violence was coming to our campuses scared me, and made me think of what I would do in situations like those confronted by the victims at VT. Since then, many many more shootings have occurred; terrorism is also now a way of life, so we live in a constant state of expectation and fear. Unfortunately, with more violence, more heroes, since people are called upon to act in super-natural ways given violent situations. The Virginia Tech prof discussed in this case study was one of the first. With this in mind: What moral perspective BEST exemplifies what the Virginia Tech Professor did? Or better yet, what would you do if you found yourself in a similar situation? What moral perspective would define your actions? ( read thhe VTProfessor case below)

Read the uploaded files, answer the questions below: (3 questions)1. After the release of its IPO filing, Twitter has come under heavy scrutiny for the lack of women amongst its

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