Moon Craters Look Likedemonstrative One Informati

Moon Craters Look Likedemonstrative One Informati

Forum Objective: Create one informative topic for your speech and create 2 debatable topics for your 2 papers in this class.

Find topics for these class assignments :

Week 2 Citation Exercise (Reuse topic from your speech, Position paper or Analysis paper)

Week 3 speech

Week 5 Position Paper

Week 7 Analysis Paper

Find a topic for each of these assignments for the Week 2 Forum.

Example post: I am an Education major. I want to become a teacher. So topics that are interesting in my field of Education are learning, bilingual education and school shootings. For my speech, my topic will be ‘How to motivate students to learn’. For my Position paper, I will write about ‘The Benefits of Bilingual Education. For my Analysis paper, I will write about ‘Arming teachers in the classroom will not deter school shootings.’ (You can then write about why you chose your major and how these writing topics will help you in your major. This is how I will narrow my speech topic: I will motivate my students to learn by providing interesting lessons, have stimulating group projects and engage in fun discussions. For my Position paper topic, I will narrow my topic by saying that ‘The benefits of Bilingual Education include allowing students to retain their first language; allowing students to remember their heritage and permitting students to learn English little by little. For my Analysis paper topic, I will narrow my topic by…you get the idea.

Whatever you communicate, you have to consider the purpose, the audience, the tone, the content and the topic. If you are writing to your boss, you want to write in a respectful tone while when you write to your friend, you write in a more casual tone. Who will be your audience, your teacher? fellow students? the general public?

Answer the following questions to help you come up with topics for your Week 3 speech, your Week 5 Position paper and your Week 7 Analysis Paper. Use these questions to help you create and narrow your assignment topics for this class.

Read the Week 2 Overview to learn more about how to create a topic.

How do I create a topic?

1. First, you ask yourself a research question: Is Climate change real?

2. Then fashion a response to your research question: Climate change is real because Reason1, Reason 2 and Reason 3.–The answer to your research question will become your thesis statement!

Thesis statement formula: Topic + Controlling idea + Reasons

Global Warming (topic) is a not a hoax (controlling idea) because Reason 1, Reason 2 and Reason 3. (Example thesis statement)

After reviewing the LESSON for Week 2: Informative Communication, consider your chosen discipline. Begin to narrow topics from your discipline for your Week 3 speech, your Week 5 Position paper and your Week 7 Analysis paper. As you narrow your topics, consider your field of study. Choose one informative topic for your Week 3 speech and choose 2 debatable topics for your Week 5 and Week 7 paper. You should have a total of 3 topics for your initial post.

If you do not have a field of study or you have not decided on your field of study, you can go to any debate website to find debatable topics. Just google the words ‘debate topics’ and for informative topics, just google the words ‘informative speech topics). Some popular debate websites are or . If you do know what you are majoring in, then just google and put in the search box, the name of your field of study, then type in ‘hot topics’, ‘debatable topics’ or ‘informative topics’. Example: Homeland Security ‘hot topics’ or Homeland Security ‘debatable topics’ or Homeland Security ‘informative topics’.

If you are majoring in Homeland Security, you just google “Homeland Security hot topics” and here will be your results:

  • Academic Engagement. …
  • Border Security. …
  • Citizenship and Immigration Services. …
  • Civil Rights and Civil Liberties. …
  • Critical Infrastructure Security. …
  • Cybersecurity. …
  • Disasters. …
  • Economic Security

All I did was google ‘Homeland Security’ and then ‘hot topics’ into the search box and topics related to the major ‘Homeland Security came on my screen. I also got a web page about Homeland Security with even more topics to write about for that major.

There are two kinds of topics, an informative topic and a debatable topic. Watch this 5 minute video to learn the difference between an Informative topic and a Debatable topic.

An informative topic simply tells the facts or makes a complex idea more understandable to the reader. (See the Informative Speech assignment tab for more details). An informative topic simply informs the reader of a topic. An informative topic does not seek to persuade the reader of another point of view or change the reader’s mind. You will need to find an informative topic for your Week 3 Informative speech. There are 4 kinds of informative topics:

4 Kinds of Informative Speech topics

Explanatory Informative speech topic–explain the state of something: Explain the state of Bilingual Education in middle school.

Descriptive Informative speech topic–give the reader a mental picture of your topic: What moon craters look like

Demonstrative Informative speech topic–show someone how to do something: How to lose weight, How to become rich

Definition Informative speech topic–define a concept or idea.: What is an atom?

What is a debatable topic? (For your Week 5 and Week 7 essay)–These essays need debatable topics.

A debatable topic/persuasive topic is a topic that people can agree or disagree on and a debatable topic typically has a pro and con side. A debatable topic is a topic some people agree and some people disagree as in a debate. A debatable/persuasive topic aims to change the reader’s mind. The writer’s purpose is to persuade the reader of the writer’s point of view. In order to persuade the reader, the writer has to argue his point by using a thesis statement with supporting paragraphs to prove his thesis.

*** Since you are all majoring in different fields of study, some of you may be using APA, some of you may be using Chicago Turabian or some of you may be using MLA for your citations, please tell me in your post which notation style you are using.***

Other suggestions for Student replies based on your Lesson Reading:

Additional Reading Questions for discussion in this forum from your Week 2 Reading:

  • Which type of writing do you do at work, Persuasive writing? Expository writing? Descriptive writing? Or Narrative writing?
  • How do you find credible sources when researching for a presentation at work?
  • What are research questions? How can asking researching questions help you formulate a thesis?

Instructions: Your initial post needs to be thorough, meaningful, and collegiate. Be sure to respond to all of the parts of the prompt and organize your response. In this forum, consider making each of the four (4) questions above their own paragraph. OR, if you prefer a visual representation, create a thorough visual representation that addresses each of the four (4) components from above. Please respond to the initial postings of at least two (2) other students and manage your personal discussion thread. Ask questions of each other and return frequently to extend the dialogue. Be sure to answer questions your instructor presents to you. Expect your instructor to post questions about the reading material, lesson material, and your experience

Make your initial posts to the Forum by 11:55pm ET, Thursday.

During the week, read the messages posted by your instructor and classmates and join the discussion. Your instructor may ask questions, provide explanations, and include links to other resources.

Please respond to at least 2 classmates, and in your response posts, try to bring together pieces of the discussion and take those ideas further. You are also expected to reply to anyone who responds to your initial post.

Forum Objective: Create one informative topic for your speech and create 2 debatable topics for your 2 papers in this class.Find topics for these class assignments :Week 2 Citation Exercise

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