May Include Travel Plans Response Questions To Em

May Include Travel Plans Response Questions To Em

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Individuals who live in areas with constant volcanic eruption threats can prepare for an eruption in a variety of ways. According to the CDC, the first thing you should do in that situation is to create an emergency supply kit. This kit should include a battery operated flashlight, a first aid kit, water and non-perishable food,eye protection, a battery powered radio, etc. Another way to prepare for an eruption is by creating an evacuation plan for yourself and your family. This may include travel plans outside of the eruption zone, filling your gas tank, and/or securing your household for impact. According to the American Geosciences Institution, once an eruption occurs, individuals within the specific zones can expect dangers such as lava flows, debris flows, volcanic ash, landslides, and volcanic gases. These effects are extremely dangerous and can cause a multitude of fatalities within the community


Hawaii has a high population of people near active volcanoes. Not too long ago a volcano destroyed much of the big island of Hawaii. Many firefighters and first responders were out every day fighting the on coming lava slides. The people of Hawaii were warned of this sudden eruption, and because of the islands high possibility of eruptions throughout the year, From an article that the CDC posted, “Be prepared either to shelter or to evacuate. Develop an evacuation plan and a sheltering plan for yourself, your family, and others in your household. Review the plans and make sure that everyone understands them. If you haven’t already done so, put together an emergency supply kit.” (CDC) One major danger that many people face with a volcanic eruption would be the danger of death of themselves or even death of a loved one. This can be due to the dangerous lava that flows with intense heat, or the dangerous chemicals and smoke being inhaled from people close to the lava streams. It is important to follow evacuation protocols and evacuation alerts for the safety of you and your loved ones. From past studies of volcanoes and other videos I have seen, some volcanic eruptions have been intense enough to block sunlight and cause a decrease in temperature for the surrounding environment of the eruption that can stretch for miles. The ash as well can be a danger to the environment and people within it by causing problems with breathing to be dangerous to inhale the ash and hard to breathe.


Both covenants are ways God has shown his mighty power for those who obey and those whom do not. As stated in the lecture videos there are two types of fear for God. First, a good fear fears Gods power but knows his intentions are good. Secondly, a fear of God that is not good because you fear God but think Gods intentions are not good. In both God upholds his promises, provides the tools to succeed what he has asked and offers land as well as fruitfulness.

At ninety-nine years old God speaks to Abraham asking him to leave his life and follow God faithfully to the land of Canaan. God promises to increase his numbers and make him very fruitful, all kings will come from him and to make nations of him. Which is why God changes his name from Abram to Abraham (father of many nations). Abraham’s covenant with God was more of an unconditional promise between God and Abraham. God established the covenant between he and Abraham and for Abraham’s decedents for generations. The mosaic covenant is a covenant between God, Moses and the Israelites with laws, and eventually creating the ten commandments. God tells Abraham he and all males among him of eight days old are to be circumcised as a symbol of the covenant made between Abraham and God. Those that are not have broken the covenant (Genesis 17:1-14). God proceeds to tell Abraham that Sarah will bear child and they will name him Isaac. God will bless Ishmael as well and his generations. Abraham’s covenant with God had no punishments if Abraham disobeyed while, the mosaic covenants do. Though, God later asks Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac. Abraham proceeds to do so and God stops him. Almost as if God was really testing Abraham’s obedience. The Abrahamic covenant is a unilateral covenant, because God fulfills his promise regardless of what the person he promised to does in life.

The mosaic covenants also known as the Sinai covenant was a covenant made with Moses through the burning bush. God tells him to leave his father in law and the flock of sheep and return to Egypt to save the Israelites and bring them to the land of ‘milk and honey’ the promise land. Moses gave God numerous reasons why he could not obey. For every reason God blessed him and gave him the tools to succeed. Moses brother Aaron was sent with him to help him give speeches. The Pharaoh did not believe what he was hearing and to prevent the Israelites from leaving and having a day of celebration the Pharaoh tries many different tactics to make their lives more difficult and keep their minds off of Moses. He makes their lives so difficult they begin to blame Moses. Then Moses cries to the Lord and then he begins to use the powers God blessed him with. Showing the Pharaoh Gods mighty power and showing the Israelites Gods promise will be fulfilled no matter what. God succeeds and his people are free. Though he says he will continue to bless them with the following “laws”. Giving them the ten commandments. Both parties are now held accountable, God and the Israelites. If they obey they will be blessed, if they disobey there will be an equal punishment.

Ashley Goodyear

Throughout the Bible there were several covenants or “bonds” created with God and men of his time. Two main, important covenants that were mentioned within the Pentateuch were the Abrahamic and Mosaic covenants. These were agreements between God and Abram and God and Moses. As Sailhamer explains (1998, pg. 45) God keeps the promise to have a special relationship with Abraham’s heirs by making a covenant with them. He also goes on to explain that [He] choose Moses to lead Israel out of Egypt and then uses him to reveal and explain the covenant to the people.”

According to ‘What is the significance of the Abrahamic Covenant?’ (2015), “The Abrahamic Covenant has greatly influenced the course of human history, as it was the watershed moment in God’s decision to save the world from sin.” Starting in Genesis 12 we hear about God’s promise to Abram (or Abraham as he is later called). God not only promises him a shem (“a name”) for himself and his family but God also promises him a seed. A seed that will come from his loins although, at the time, he was older and had no children. The Abrahamic covenant is said to be unconditional in nature. Abram only had to have faith. He had no laws to follow he just needed faith and to follow God’s word. Although he wasn’t sure if or when he would have children he still had faith in God’s word and that was all that was needed. In God’s promise it wasn’t as literal as one would think.

The Mosaic covenant that was created between Moses and God was a little different. The Mosaic covenant as explained in ‘The Mosaic covenant – What is it? (n.d.) “was a bilateral, or conditional covenant, meaning that both parties were responsible to fulfill a duty to the other. The people were responsible to follow the Law, and in return, God promised to abundantly bless and protect Israel.” When it comes to the Mosaic covenant that was presented to Moses and the people it was very conditional in nature. Moses was like the mediator for the people. He was the only one that could speak with God. In order for everyone to obey they needed to listen to Moses and follow in his ways. They were “ordered” to follow a set of basic laws. The set of laws came to be the Ten Commandments. They were to begin life in a sedimentary location, wait for the Messiah while following the laws that were set forth for them.

The two covenants, although, were very much opposites of each other were similar in a way. For Abraham was to have a seed, the Messiah. He was to come to the land. Moses was to obey the laws and wait. In the end the Messiah would come.

Give a response to the discussion answerEmilyIndividuals who live in areas with constant volcanic eruption threats can prepare for an eruption in a variety of ways. According to the CDC,

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