Mary Magdalene Powerpoint Biographical Study On

Mary Magdalene Powerpoint Biographical Study On

Part 1 due on August 11th at 3PM EST

Biographical Study on Mary Magdalene – PowerPoint Instructions

The Biographical Study is designed with two purposes in mind: as a research project for submission in this course, and as a presentation or series of presentations for personal use in a church-related setting. In support of the latter, you will create a PowerPoint presentation to be used in conjunction with your church presentation. The PowerPoint slides you create must serve as a teaching aid for a presentation and should illustrate the Biographical Study of your character. Your PowerPoint presentation should accurately reflect what you would share with your audience in your church presentation.

There is no set number of slides which your PowerPoint presentation must have. Your slides must contain text but do not have to contain graphics or pictures. Your PowerPoint presentation must contain the following elements:

A title slide identifying the title of your Biographical Study, your name, the course in which you are enrolled, the date of the presentation, and your instructor’s name;

An overall introduction to the Biographical Study;

At least 1 slide for each lesson or section of the study;

An overall conclusion to the Biographical Study; and

  • A Bibliography slide in which the sources used are identified with 10 scholarly material.

Part 2 due on the 19th of August at 3PM EST

Your final paper must reflect the same basic research and organization that was used in your PowerPoint presentation. Your paper must include 1 overall introduction to the entire study, as well as 1 overall conclusion. The introduction must include a thesis statement, a description of your research methodology, and an overview of the study. The conclusion must restate your findings and summarize what has been learned about your character through the study.

Your submission must be 10–20 pages. Your paper must conform to current Turabian format, including source citation (footnotes must be used and a Bibliography of cited sources must be included). Your study will be graded on creativity, clarity, critical thinking, form, quality of content, and direct engagement with the primary sources (especially the biblical texts). See the Biographical Study – Paper Grading Rubric for deta

Part 1 is due this Saturday August 11th at 3 PM EST and Part 2 is due August 19th 3PM EST. Please make sure to follow the rubrics that I attach with this assignment.

Below is 3 scholarly material that you can use in addition of what you got:

Haskins, Susan. Mary Magdalen: Myth and Metaphor. New York: Harcourt, Brace &, 1993.[O1]

Haskins, Susan. Mary Magdalen: Truth and Myth. London: Pimlico, 2005.

De Klerck[O2] , Bram. “Mary Magdalene’s Conversion in Renaissance Painting and Mediaeval Sacred Drama.” In Texts, Transmissions, Receptions: Modern Approaches to Narratives, edited by Lardinois André, Levie Sophie, Hoeken Hans, and Lüthy Christoph, 175-93. LEIDEN; BOSTON[O3] : Brill, 2015.[O4]

Part 1 due on August 11th at 3PM ESTBiographical Study on Mary Magdalene – PowerPoint InstructionsThe Biographical Study is designed with two purposes in mind: as a research project for

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