Mandatory Assessment Two Weeks Assignment Due Wed

Mandatory Assessment Two Weeks Assignment Due Wed

I will attach the treatment plan I submitted for her last week. I didn’t do too well. I was asked to fill out a treatment plan template and then write a report. Here is what the instructors feedback was.

“The diagnosis presented in the template is not supported by the information in the scenario. You also did not include goals and objective on the template. In your write-up there is only minimal justification of claims.”

This new assignment is basically a revision from the last one. I am attaching the empty template for you to redo for this assignment and I am also attaching last weeks assignment that I turned in so you can see what I wrote. Hopefully you can create a better revised version based on this weeks assignment instructions.

Here is the new assignment

In Topic 5, you submitted a treatment plan for your client Eliza.
Since the initial treatment plan, several changes have taken place
within Eliza’s case. Since the mandatory assessment two weeks
ago, you have discovered that Eliza is again on your client listing
for the day due to a mandatory evaluation, with the incident report
indicating that campus public safety, due to a tip from a concerned
resident, found the client passed out and alone in her dorm, smelling
of alcohol.

Part 1: Review the initial Treatment Plan
submitted in Topic 5.

  1. Reassess your treatment plan diagnoses, goals, and objectives
    based on the new information provided.
  2. Fill out and submit
    a new treatment plan evidencing the changes made in treatment
    utilizing the treatment plan template provided.

Part 2: In a 1,000-1,250-word essay, answer the
questions presented in a separate Word document, addressing the following:

  1. Examine the case and propose why the changes occurred.
  2. Reassess the effectiveness and validity of the treatment
  3. Discuss how the treatment plan needs to be adjusted to
    address the changes in the situation.
  4. Justify the changes
    both ethically and legally.
  5. Determine what the changes
    (obstacles) mean to the treatment plan.
  6. Discuss how you
    would evaluate the resources available for you to make a
  7. Discuss how you would communicate to the client the
    need for referrals to other providers.
  8. Determine which
    referrals you would make and which you might suggest to the
  9. Include any instruments you would use to assess the

Submit the revised treatment plan and essay to your instructor.

I will attach the treatment plan I submitted for her last week. I didn’t do too well. I was asked to fill out a treatment plan template and then write

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