Main Grading Criteria Listed Roots Of Pop Music

Main Grading Criteria Listed Roots Of Pop Music

I need you to edit this paper and make it so it meets all the requirements listed below.

Trace the development of popular music from the 1920s until modern times (the music that you listen to). You can comment on style if you wish, but we are mainly interested in the lyrics and their message. What themes are present in the lyrics? What are people worried about? What are they happy about?

Pick a song that is representative of the style of music during each decade from the 1920s until the 2010s–a total of ten songs. Listen to the song, find the lyrics and read them. Think about them–what are they telling us about the people and their lives during each decade?

Write at least one lengthy, detailed paragraph* for each song that you pick. Include a brief discussion of the theme and importance of the song and its message. Be objective, not personal: We want to know what these songs tell us about history and the people living during those times. This is not a song review: we are not that interested in whether you liked the song or not; etc. Any comments you make on style should be related to the historical content. We want to learn something about how music reveals important things about the lives of people.

Your last page should be a summary of what you have learned. What common themes are present during this ninety years of music? How are the lives of common, working class people revealed in these songs?

Make a bibliography of the songs you pick and include it at the end of your paper. Use the Turabian format for a music citation; a link is provided in the Study Guidelines module.

A typical paper of this type would be at least 6-8 pages. You can write more if you wish, but quality is more important than quantity.

The main grading criteria listed in the syllabus will be used on this paper, especially adequate, clear and accurate information about the songs.

Have some fun with this! It is interesting to find out the roots of the music you listen to. Impress your friends with your knowledge of pop music in America.

*Each paragraph must be at least six complete sentences, written in your own words. Include at least one verse or lyric from each song you picked. Be objective, accurate and detailed.

I need you to edit this paper and make it so it meets all the requirements listed below.Trace the development of popular music from the 1920s until modern times (the

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