Lunch Project Ensures Nutritious Global Health Di

Lunch Project Ensures Nutritious Global Health Di

please respond to the discussion and reply to the Peer discussion

Classroom chats provide an opportunity to respond to the videos, readings and presentations in the module. This is also a good place for you to share your personal experience as it relates to the course content. You should write at least a paragraph. While we will not be grading on grammar, spelling, APA etc. in this board, you are expected to write well and in your own words. Copy and pasted material will not be accepted. You will be expected to have a total of 2 classroom chat posts during a module. One of them should be initiated by you and one should be a response. We encourage you to question your classmates and push them to think of issues in depth and with complexity. We will be doing this too. With that said, make sure you post in a way that is respectful of others.

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Read Chapter 8: Skolnik, R. (2016). Nutrition & Global Health. In R. Riegelman (Ed.), Global Health 101 (3rd ed., pp. 193-225). Burlington. MA: Jones & Bartlett.


After watching the two videos regarding China “China to have world’s most obese children” and Child nutrition in rural China: Free-lunch project ensures nutritious lunches”. I am not surprised all these can happen in China. For children from wealth family in big city, they are easily obese. In contrast, for children from rural area, they are growth restoration. All of them point one thing, people in China needs education about the nutrition and how to eat healthily. They should not eat fashionable food such as fast food from America; or eat fully not eat nutritionally. I am so glad there is free nutritional lunch for rural area children to be healthy. China is a very complicated country and the development at different areas is different between rural and big city. Based on the current economic situation, everyone should be able to eat healthy. However, what is the healthy food and how to eat healthy are still needed to be educated. Not snacks or fashionable food are healthy food. All media and government should put effort to educate people to eat healthy and be healthy. From my visiting to China last year, I feel China did have dramatically change about the healthy. I hope they will have better change in the future. Education is still the key.

please respond to the discussion and reply to the Peer discussionClassroom chats provide an opportunity to respond to the videos, readings and presentations in the module. This is also a

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