Like Actual Clouds Gathering Discussion 2

Like Actual Clouds Gathering Discussion 2

Discussion: 2

Provide an annotated bibliography of two articles related to your topic.

My Dissertation Topic Selection:

Role of data science in making data-driven decisions in App development companies.

Note: Your answer must be 600 words and add at least 5 references.

And respond to two students posts: Your response must be 100 words .

Student 1

Srikanth Mandala

Turab, N., Taleb, A. a., & Masadeh, S. R. (2013). Cloud Computing Challenges and

Solutions. International Journal of Computer Networks & Communications, 5(5), 209-216.

Cloud computing seems to be an evolving field of computing technology, which benefits from the computational power and computing capabilities of multiple computers connected to a geographical distance via the Internet. The need for full hardware and software resources to deal with user needs and requirements is eliminated by cloud computing. It can be viewed as a total or partial externalization of hardware and software components. A decent internet connexion and a regular Internet browser are required for accessing cloud applications. From a security standpoint, cloud infrastructure seems to have its downside; most of the vulnerabilities and potential solutions are discussed. The newest technology is cloud computing. If the system or its workers are not accessible or too pricey, this is an appealing option but has its downside. The biggest downside can be seen in cloud storage protection risks and vulnerabilities. Cloud computing vulnerabilities may arise from multiple sources instead of conventional strategies where risks arise from two sources identified inside or beyond the network. This article addressed several of the challenges to cloud protection at three potential levels: server, network and device level. Researchers are currently working on a variety of potential ways to minimize protection (Turab, taleb, & Masadeh, 2013).

Hashizume, K., Rosado, D. G., Fernández-Medina, E., & Fernandez, E. B. (2013). An

analysis of security issues for cloud computing. Journal of Internet Services and Applications, 4(5), 1-13.

While cloud computing usage has many benefits, there are still major acceptance hurdles. Protection, followed by enforcement, safety, and legal concerns, has been an important issue in implementation. Because it is considered as a modern computing paradigm, there seems a lot of misunderstanding regarding the ways to enable protection at every level (for example, at the network, server, device, and data levels) as well as how the protection of software is transferred to cloud computing. This uncertainty has always prompted managers to confirm that the security of cloud storage is their major concern. Security issues are often considered as areas of vulnerability like access to external data, public-internet reliance, power deficiency, multi-tenancy and integration of internal technology. The cloud has a range of unique characteristics compared to old techniques such as its wide size and its full deployment, heterogeneity and virtualization of services from cloud providers. The clouds in their present state are no longer adequate to include standard security measures, such as defining, authenticating and approving. Cloud Storage security controls are largely unlike security controls in almost any IT setting. However, It pose several risks to an company than the conventional IT approach due to the cloud service structures, operating models, and technology employed to allow all services of cloud. Integrating protection into these solutions, sadly, is also seen to be more static (Hashizume, Rosado, Fernández-Medina, & Fernandez, 2013).

Student 2

Naresh Kumar Katta

Srivastava, P., & Khan, R. (2018). A Review Paper on Cloud Computing. International Journals of Advanced Research in Computer Science and Software Engineering, 8(6), 17-20.

In this article, the discussion is on the increasing demand for cloud computing in the IT sector. In the IT sector, nowadays, it is the age of Cloud Computing Technology. Internet-based CC has the most efficient computational architecture. A gathering of interconnected and integrated software, hardware and network infrastructure is estimated. On top of grid computing and other computing, it has different applications. Like actual clouds gathering water molecules, network selection is the word cloud’ in cloud computing. When needed, the user can use cloud computing methods irrepressibly. Users usually choose a mediator service for Internet service in cloud computing instead of building their basic infrastructure. Users only have to pay for the services they use. In cloud computing, the workload may be moved to decrease the workload. The networks that make up the cloud manage a lot of support, so the lot on individual servers isn’t heavy when running an application. The cloud computing application area will be gradually growing. Nowadays, cloud computing is used by almost all small and large businesses to handle storage, traffic, and technical specifications. Thus, it is obvious that cloud computing has a huge influence on society and the IT industry (Srivastava & Khan, 2018).

Birje, M., Challagidad, P., Goudar, R., & Tapale, M. T. (2017). Cloud computing review: Concepts, technology, challenges and security. International Journal of Cloud Computing, 6(1), 32-57.

This article describes the concept of cloud computing, such as challenges and security in the IT-related sector. Cloud computing offers several users with IT-related functionality as a service over the internet, and these services are paid established on use. Several providers of CC, like Amazon, Yahoo, Google, IBM and Microsoft, are moving into embracing the technology of cloud, leading to a significant rise in the use of different cloud services. Due to its higher number of design details than others, Amazon is the leader in this area. Constructed various open-source applications and business apps to meet cloud service providers and customers’ requirements. Although many additional growths have been made in CC, several problems like security, convergence, resource allocation, application development, etc. still need to be adapted. Effective technologies need to be built to fix security concerns, including gateway data transfer, long-term viability, compromised services, enforcement mechanisms, cloud computing virtualization, etc. (Birje, Challagidad, Goudar, & Tapale, 2017).

Discussion: 2Provide an annotated bibliography of two articles related to your topic.My Dissertation Topic Selection:Role of data science in making data-driven decisions in App development companies.Note: Your answer must be

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