Least 1 Peer Reviewed Reply To 2 Students For Bus

Least 1 Peer Reviewed Reply To 2 Students For Bus



In every business, the clients or customers should always be given priority, since they are the basis for which companies or businesses exist. Despite other business aspects such as competition, services rendered to the clients should be safe and for their benefit. According to Collins, (2015, pg. 29) the effects of pencil work may not only cost the company, but also the consumers that prefer to use the plane. While taking action, I could make a choice that will trigger immediate action, to prevent damages or accidents. As much as the two companies are in competition, my focus would be on the incidences that may result from the pencil work, such as air crashes, that can kill and injure people or even affect the society as a whole.

My approach for such a case is that prevention is better than cure. I will choose the second option, of phoning the president of the other airline and tell him what I heard. However, I am neutral on terms with the president of the other airline despite being my competitor. The president ought to make investigations to determine whether the issue is valid. Pencil work is unethical as it exposes the company as well as to people in various risks and dangers, and hence if the president ascertains the case of pencil work, he should take all the necessary procedures to bring the employees on track and prevent further incidences (Zgheib,2015 Pg.232). The president has the authority to take action on the employees involved in pencil work, and restructure to ensure there is supervision, and that all procedures are carried out as outlined. The president can also do inspections to validate whether there are any other flaws. Therefore, I believe option 2 would be the best option.


Zgheib, P. (2015). Business ethics and diversity in the modern workplace.

Weiss, J. W. (2009). Business ethics: A stakeholders and issues management approach. Australia: South-Western Cengage Learning.

Collins, P. E. T. E. (2015). Air Crash Investigations – In-Flight Engine Failure – The Crash Of Air Algerie Flight 6289. S.L.: Lulu Com.


Though I feel that there are various, valid arguments to make regarding each action resulting from the competitor’s safety problem, I would begin with recommending option 2.

“Phone the president of the other airline and tell him what you heard. You are on neutral terms with that person as he is your competitor.”

I think this option offers an opportunity for professional courtesy, and in my business, this gesture can go along way among competitors. Even with it being a safety concern, phoning the president of the other airline offers the organization an opportunity to remedy the situation and cause for concern internally. Bad press for another airline does not necessarily mean good press for mine as we operate in the same industry and potentially market to many of the same consumers. My airline could then be subject to scrutiny and damages to the organization’s reputation could occur if media was not properly differentiated. However, this does not necessarily mean that if the concern falls on deaf ears that another course of action cannot be taken. The phone call and preceding actions taken by the president of the other organization could potentially lead to the implementation or review of both compliance and ethics initiatives which could ultimately help the organization avoid legal sanctions and strengthen self-governance (Paine, 2014). However, if the president chooses to ignore the information provided and it is true, he runs the risk of personal and corporate liability as well as damages to the organization’s reputation and future viability.

Paine, L. S. (2014, August 01). Managing for Organizational Integrity. Retrieved from https://hbr.org/1994/03/managing-for-organizationa

MUST REPLY WITH AT LEAST 1 PEER REVIEWED SOURCEPOST 1:In every business, the clients or customers should always be given priority, since they are the basis for which companies or

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