Learning Adobe Sparkin Adobe Adobe Spark Micro We

Learning Adobe Sparkin Adobe Adobe Spark Micro We

In this assignment, I am asking you to create a basic web page that can be used as a landing page for a marketing campaign for your project organization (a micro-site). It needs to work alongside the Google Ads (Adwords) you created in Week 2, so make sure the content is relevant to the keywords used.

To complete this project, you must use Adobe Spark. If you haven’t used Adobe Spark before, you can watch the LinkedIn Learning instructional videos on Learning Adobe Spark. If this is the first time you’ve used LinkedIn Learning, follow the instructions for using LinkedIn Learning.

Your assignment will be to create a “mockup” of an actual page using Spark. Once you’ve completed your landing page, submit the URL.

  1. Create an Adobe Spark account. If needed, review the LinkedInLearning videos on Learning Adobe Spark
  2. In Adobe Spark, click on ‘Create a web page’
  3. Follow the directions below as you build your web page.
  4. Click ‘Share’ to publish and generate a link to your web page. Copy and paste the URL to your web page to this assignment.

Directions for the landing page are as follows:

Top of the page:

  • Large heading (as big as you can make it) with the title of the page
    • Two images, side by side to illustrate the content of the page
    • Paragraph of text to describe the page
    • Call to Action

Middle of the page:

  • Smaller heading #1 to indicate a section of content
    • Bullet list of items
    • Create a hyperlink to whatever it is that you’re writing about
  • Smaller heading #2 to indicate another section of content
    • Paragraph of text to describe the stuff in the bullets

Bottom of the page

  • Put a video in the page of something related to the company from YouTube
  • Call to Action

Project description:

We feel that ChevronTexaco has a lot of information behind it and has a very extensive history. The new product idea will be RoboPump. This product will essentially be an automatic gas pump that you pull up to and pumps your gas for you. Once you pull up to the pump, you will control the rest of the process through an app where you will put in the gas station location, pump number, and type of gas you want to put in your car. You can also control how many gallons of gas you would like to put in your car if don’t want a full tank. This product will completely take over the pumping process so that you do not even have to get out of your car.

In this assignment, I am asking you to create a basic web page that can be used as a landing page for a marketing campaign for your project organization (a

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