Julius Caesar Led Military Easy Rome Assignment

Julius Caesar Led Military Easy Rome Assignment


  1. The story of Rome: It was founded on the plain of __________
  2. The two mythological brothers who established the city were named:
  3. In describing where Rome was situated, did its physical location play a role in any aspect of development?
  4. When Rome was founded did she have any neighbors and if so – who and where did they reside?
  5. Who had the greatest influence on early Roman development?
  6. Which culture had greatest impact overall on Roman development?
  7. For the Romans, Fiat Justicia Ruat Caleum was an important concept of ______ ? And it means? _____________________
  8. After settling on the first conquests of those neighbors in modern day Italy, Rome moved outward. When did Rome conquer the neighbors and in part, what can we attribute that success to?
  9. What was one novel idea Rome used, a precedent, when conquering its foes that provided security rather than insecurity for the Roman Republic and later the Empire of Rome.
  10. What role did upper class women play in Rome?
  11. What role did lower class women play?
  12. What was the name of a ‘golden age’ historian of Rome? He is well known for his perceiving history in terms of ______________. History of Rome written in ________ books.
  13. What is a jurist and name one from the Early Empire period and what did he argue?
  14. 12 Tables? ________________
  15. Who were the Five Good Emperors and what made them so good?
  16. Rome’s enemy? Punic wars. Why were they enemies and where did the enemies originate from?
  17. Rumors of Wars: 1st Punic, 2nd Punic, 3rd Punic: What was the cause of the first Punic war and the result. What was the cause and result of the 2nd and 3rd Punic wars? Where did the Carthaginians come from according to myth?
  18. In every society we have Upper and Lower classes. In Roman social structure we find an Upper class – name is? And a lower class – name is?
  19. The Optimates in the late Republic wanted to maintain the power of the _____________
  20. Its all Greek to Me: So said some Romans about the Greeks they imported. Many Greeks were used as tutors. However most Romans did not readily accept Greek philosophy except for:
  21. Who is Augustus?
  22. During the period of the Emperor Augustus, laws were passed concerning: _________
  23. Who created an imperial cult in Rome, and why?
  24. Which emperor added more territory to the Empire than any other?
  25. ,Julius Caesar led military campaigns in _________ and __________. As a consequence he became very popular with the people of Rome. By crossing the Rubicon he showed that he _______________ .
  26. Marc Antony and Actium: At the Battle of ________ the end, at least symbolically, of the Republic occurred.
  27. 1st Triumverate? Who.
  28. 1st Flavian Emperor:

ROME AND ITS EMPIRE The story of Rome: It was founded on the plain of __________ The two mythological brothers who established the city were named: In describing where Rome

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