Irb Approval Requires Two Capstone Project

Irb Approval Requires Two Capstone Project

Submit the first draft (This is the critical first document you will submit according to the schedule noted in the table above; during the time you are taking classes 6-8.) A minimum of 16 pages is expected to cover these areas:

  • Title of the project
  • A significant statement of the purpose of the project.
  • Need for the study, including literature support. This includes the value of the project answering why such an effort is needed for/by what constituents. In addition these pages comprise the first pages of the final product. This is a critical element in the entire process, for the project must have demonstrable need to some constituency, the study of disaster medicine or management, and must be considered worthy of academic pursuit. Document your needs pages carefully by citing appropriate sources that will substantiate your rationale or otherwise illustrate why such a project should be undertaken. Do not necessarily look for literature that says “this topic needs more research”; rather, find sources that substantiate your perceptions of the topic’s relevance to the field.
  • Initial literature review – This section provides the academic foundation for your work. Understand that this section will continue to grow over the time of project development.
  • Methods to be used –Describe the methods that you will use in completing the project. Make certain that your methods statement is both clear and sequential. This narrative will be duplicated within the project itself.
  • Arrange telephone consulting as needed in this process. This is the time to identify any issues in project development and direction.
  • 4) Faculty will provide feedback on this draft. This forms the basis for your project so let’s see your abilities here!
  • 5) Upon Acceptance – register for the capstone course in the next or designated term.

    6) During the actual term you will complete the project while participating in the blackboard course site. A presentation to the faculty and students will be conducted via Adobe. Faculty will determine if the project is complete and final or needs some revisions.

This document must be approved by your advisor no later than the one month prior to registering for the capstone course. Issues in design, format, IRB requirements (if applicable) must be resolved no later than this date. Any problems that are unresolved are the sole responsibility of the participant; therefore, make sure all of the required elements in the Proposal are included in the final document.

NOTE: IRB approval requires two months and a solid project narrative, all data gathering tools and the IRB Application.

IRB Forms for the University – updated Jan 2019

Attached Files:

If you are doing a project that needs IRB approval, these are the forms we need to do. See the IRB site on the Provost’s web site. Also make sure you have completed this course:

Submit the first draft (This is the critical first document you will submit according to the schedule noted in the table above; during the time you are taking classes 6-8.)

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