Iranea Rivas Takaharu Tezuka Response To Peers

Iranea Rivas Takaharu Tezuka Response To Peers

I need response to two peers in my discussion board, I only need one paragraph for each one.

Post of Iranea Rivas

Takaharu Tezuka talks about a kindergarten that was designed in 2007 in Japan, with the shape of a circle. He talks about how much fun the students have and how they’ve come to notice that children even that young have so much energy. The idea of this building is because it comes to the fact that kids love to draw circles so why wouldn’t they like to play and go to school in one. The school as describes has trees that reach all the way to the circular roof and the children can play on it, they have nets that serve as the handrails and the children fall right on to them. Whenever they have an event, the children all sit or stand around the edge to watch from the perfect distance, the roof is made very low so that they can be seen from underneath and that whoever is under them sees them and the roof not just a plain boring ceiling. He explains that there is not inside or outside boundary, and that the children seem to feel happy and comfortable inside this architecture because children who are put into something like a box get nervous. He also talks about how the children have great concentration skills even if they are exposed to noise, children help the teachers, and inside the classrooms you see where the trees start. Every classroom has at least one skylight, he points out that these are opportunities that we are missing out on. The students that attend this school, do an average of 4,000 meters and have the highest athletic abilities. I agree with him on his closing statement that we shouldn’t protect our children too much, let them learn from their mistakes and that maybe this type of architecture can change the world.

Post of Evelyn Socorro

Building relationships between parents and teachers by Megan Olivia Hall is the theme that I chose since I think it is extremely important that we reflect on it. Incidentally, these days I have seen two related incidents between teachers and students in the news, embarrassing incidents, and truly worrying. In one of the cases a student hits his teacher, a senior lady who could be his grandmother and in the other case the teacher completely lost patience and attacked the student. In both cases I think it was shameful to see how the relationship between teachers and students is destroyed. I think that to reach this point those relationships were already fractured, and that at some point both teachers and parents could have done something about it. Sometimes because of the little time we dedicate to our children due to so much daily work, communication between parents and teachers is often limited to monitoring the grade and academic performance. This communication must be extremely strengthened; students must see both parents and teachers as a single figure to follow, as that person who only wants to educate us to be successful men and women. As Megan says, “good teachers do not have to be parents but parents and teachers have a lot in common.” This relationship is the most important to be extraordinary people, capable of reaching each of our goals and through every obstacle that stands in the way.

I need response to two peers in my discussion board, I only need one paragraph for each one.Post of Iranea Rivas Takaharu Tezuka talks about a kindergarten that was designed

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