Https Sourcebooks Follow Instructions Four Pages

Https Sourcebooks Follow Instructions Four Pages

I’ve attached the answer henryprofessor wrote, which is not sufficient and which you should not use. I will include the teacher feedback of it below everything so you can see what went wrong.

Attached are the sources that can be used. Under the file name “MIDTERM EXAM, HISTORY 105, FALL 2018” is the instructions of the assignment. The rest of the links and attachments are the sources.

edu/source/lutherltr-indulgences.asp” target=”_blank” data-saferedirecturl=”” rel=”noopener”>

edu/source/loyola-spirex.asp” target=”_blank” data-saferedirecturl=”” rel=”noopener”>

edu/mod/galileo-tuscany.asp” target=”_blank” data-saferedirecturl=”” rel=”noopener”>

Teacher comments:

You do a good job bringing in the Julius Excluded from Heaven Dialogue by Erasmus as a primary source, which is a good one to start with as he lays out problems in the Church. However, you continue to use this source throughout the paper in connection with events and ideas that Erasmus was not associated with. You need to understand the context of the source and you can’t use a quote somewhere because it sounds good if that is not what the source is talking about. For instance, Erasmus was a Dutch humanist, not a political ruler and so he didn’t want to see the Church diminished in favor of political power – he wanted to reform the Church and get rid of its corrupt practices. Martin Luther was the same until he had to make a choice of recanting his ideas or breaking with the Church. Also, you bring in examples from Charlotte d’Arbalaste but again in places where the context does not fit. Yes, she talks about the violence that results but you need to then explain her situation (the background, what is going on in her source) with the French Wars of Religion. This could be brought in at the end to show the impact of the Reformation with the violence that breaks out. Try to group together your quotes about Julius and analyze Erasmus in detail, then move on to think about how the Reformation developed for religious reasons (remember Luther also was not a political leader, he was a commoner, just a German monk).

Also, I think you need to go back over some of the Reformation material because the Reformation did not start as a result of political leaders who wanted to get rid of the Church’s political authority. Isabella of Spain did use the Church to help solidify control and centralize power in Spain but she doesn’t take aim at the Pope, she sees the Church as her ally and she dies before the Reformation but certainly no Spanish monarch was in favor of the Reformation (they always fought to strengthen Catholicism against Protestantism). The one exception to this is the English Reformation where Henry breaks because of dynastic concerns with his marriage and heir (not because he had any sympathy with Protestantism). So try to look more closely at why the Reformation developed in relation to questions of religious doctrine.

In particular, you need to focus on Martin Luther’s ideas and the primary sources that we read about Luther. How did his letter to the Archbishop of Mainz reflect his problem with the same of indulgences and set out his ideas that faith alone was more important? How did he question the power of the Catholic hierarchy and advocate a more direct relationship with God? Try to look in more detail at the essay question where it asks you to think about differences between Protestants and Catholics. How did both Protestants and Catholics view the issue of clerical celibacy vs. clerical marriage as seen in Luther’s On Marriage and The Council of Trent’s On Marriage? You do a good job to bring in Loyola to think about the Catholic Reformation. Remember that the Catholic Reformation was the Church’s response to Protestantism as they sought to reaffirm their doctrines and reform some of the largest abuses (so if clerical celibacy was a requirement then no more priests with mistresses or concubines, etc…). By focusing on the beliefs of Protestants vs. Catholics you will be able to draw out comparisons and think about some of the ways in which they pulled away from each other in the sixteenth century. Hope this helps

Please make sure you do #2 and address these points brought up by the teacher.

I’ve attached the answer henryprofessor wrote, which is not sufficient and which you should not use. I will include the teacher feedback of it below everything so you can see

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