Home Final Examinationcase Studyjohn Take Home Ex

Home Final Examinationcase Studyjohn Take Home Ex

* Each question should be answered at least in 2 paragraphs and discuss it very clearly

* Identify the company before analyzing

*identify the situation

*start figuring out the situation in the questions

and use the book

REQUIRED TEXT Podnar, Klement (2015). Corporate Communication: A Marketing View. Routledge: London and New York.


Case Study

John Smith is the owner/president/CEO of Smith Taxi cab company located in New York City (NYC). He has operated his family-owned cab company in NYC for 45 years. Smith Taxi cab company (STC) has a fleet of 25 cabs that are mechanically maintained in five company-owned locations throughout the boroughs of New York City. Each of these “STC Cab Centers” is managed by a senior supervisor (responsible for purchases of necessary materials and tools) and four mechanics. The mechanics who maintain the mechanical health of STC cabs are also employees of the corporation.

STC, by New York state regulations, had to purchase a “Medallion” (a metallic crest visible on the hood of each car) at a cost of $25,000 for each cab owned and operated by salaried drivers hired by corporate STC. From time to time, roughly every five years, STC purchases an average of six new automobiles to replace aging cabs of the fleet. Since the launching of STC, their new automobiles have been purchased at reasonable discount rates from Bennett Motors dealership located in Manhattan, NY. Since its establishment, STC has maintained its reputation and status as the second best-operated, customer-preferred and financially-successful cab company in New York City.

Between fiscal years 2016 and 2018, STC’s revenues, profits, expenses and business reputation began a slow and damaging decline. John Smith attributed this disturbing trend to a variety of factors to be addressed ASAP: marketplace competition (increase of Uber and Lyft drivers); dramatic increase in urban commercial and private vehicle traffic; increases in cab fleet and driver insurance premiums; rising car maintenance costs and increase in employee base salaries and insurance costs; increase in new car purchase costs due to federal, state and local taxes; increase in advertising and other business promotion costs.

Based on concepts and principles covered in the course textbook (Corporate Communication: A Marketing Viewpoint, Klement Podnar (2015) and relevant lecture references, fully discuss your answers to the following questions:

  1. If John perceives this current situation as a significant crisis impacting the brand, reputation and financial stability of STC, briefly outline and discuss the first steps he should consider taking to address any immediate and critical matters. (25 pts.)
  2. Identify major stakeholders related to STC’s business and discuss how each should be notified of the status and important business intentions of STC. (25 pts.)
  3. The State of New York is considering the introduction of “autonomous vehicle” zones in NYC as a significant antidote to rising vehicular traffic and related car crashes. How might this affect STC’s business existence and growth? Explain fully, pro and con. (25 pts.)
  4. Explain fully how significant changes in U.S.-initiated tariffs on international goods and services could affect the existence and future growth of STC. (25 pts.)

* Each question should be answered at least in 2 paragraphs and discuss it very clearly * Identify the company before analyzing*identify the situation *start figuring out the situation in

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