Highway Patrol Police Every U2Db 2Nd Response Cri

Highway Patrol Police Every U2Db 2Nd Response Cri

Using 100 words or more, please respond to the following post:

George being stopped by the highway patrol police every time he comes through the state of Georgia is a bit much, but maybe it is necessary for the police to stop him just to check him and make sure he is not the drug dealer that there are looking for. For example, if a police officer sees a car or person fitting the description of a drug dealer that he or she is looking for they have the write to stop that vehicle. In George case he fits the description of a drug dealer suspect and for that reason the highway patrol police have the right to stop him every time he comes through Georgia state. According to Liam Dillon, 2014, If a police officer see a criminal suspect who is a white, young, male, tall, wearing a baseball jacket and cap in a particular neighborhood the officer should be in rights to pull that suspect over if he fits the profile.

The reasoning behind the excessive stops could be just to take precaution and make sure that George is not the drug dealer that George fits the profile of. It may not be anything other than George looks like the drug dealer that the highway police are looking for. It could also be bias profiling because George comes through that town all the time when driving through Georgia so they highway patrol police should know him and his car already. They know that George will be coming through the Georgia towns, and they keep stopping him maybe just to mess with George.

In the state of Pennsylvania the highway officer could conduct a traffic stop if the officer has “reasonable suspicion to believe that a violation of the vehicle code has occurred”. (Jason Dunkle, 2017). So in this case the highway police do not have reasonable suspicion to stop George every time he comes through the Georgia area. The major of the highway patrol would say why didn’t you stop that man in that car coming through the state that fits the profile of a known drug dealer?. This highway is know to have a high number of people traveling through with drugs. If the field training officer said just skip that guy George, as a new recruit I would be alarmed and ask questions to as why they feel they didn’t need to stop that particular vehicle. I would notify my higher ups and let them know that a suspect was skipped in a traffic stop.

The officer that took apart George’s car should not be put up as an example of a good leader to follow for other drug officers. He violated the law by taking apart George car because he was suspicious. He violated George’s right. George didn’t give the officer the right to search his vehicle, and take it apart. Even with reasonable suspicion, the officer has a time limit on how long he can hold the suspect at the traffic stop, if he goes over that time he has then violated the rights of the suspect. If the officer would have found drugs in George vehicle , it would not be able to be used in the court, due to the fact that the officer went about getting the evidence the wrong way. Due to violate of George rights the officer could have caused the department a serious law suit. And if George was drug dealer he would have walked free.

Using 100 words or more, please respond to the following post:George being stopped by the highway patrol police every time he comes through the state of Georgia is a bit

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