Health Care Emergency Management Health Care Emer

Health Care Emergency Management Health Care Emer

post 1

Reason for the growth of emergency care systems.

One of the main reasons for the growth is the intensive and continuous training to the clinical management and physicians in preparedness of the emergency care system and handling emergency events and incidences. The training was introduced to medical schools as part of the school curriculum and has played a significate role. Good and effective communication between and among community services that are in the emergency response department, local and state government has also contributed to the drastic growth of the emergency care system. The state and the local government has also allocated sufficient funds to the facilities especially in the emergency department that have played a major role in the growth of emergency care system. Through these health agencies, patients are directed to the most appropriate hospital, and the hospitals are alerted in advance before the arrival of patients. They also ensure that hospitals are not overwhelmed with patients and the resources are allocated effectively and at the right time (Sauer, McCarthy, Knebel, & Brewster, 2009). Thus, these changes and attention being placed on emergency management.

post 2

Based on your readings and experience, compare and contrast how health care emergency management evolved before 9/11 to its evolution after 9/11.
Why has the scope of healthcare emergency management grown so dramatically? Will the growth continue?

The health care emergency management improved after September 11. Many hospitals in the event of September 11 were not prepared for stressful events or disasters. For instance, New York Downtown Hospital was one of the hospitals that treated 1500 patients on September 11 event. The hospital did not complacent on their performance and recovery. The attack was a lesson learned to make improvement in the hospital to manufacture better response for future events. After five years the hospital built a big emergency department that is specifically built to respond to terror attacks and other major disasters. It equipped with the best equipment and a larger trauma room. The hospital basically addresses all the issues they face since September 11 by building ER with surge capacity in mind. Moreover, the hospital shares the experience they face and what they learned from September 11 by spearheading an annual international emergency-preparedness symposium focusing on the topics of readiness and response to large-scale emergencies such as natural disasters and terrorist attacks.

each response no more than 120 words with APA refrances.

post 1Reason for the growth of emergency care systems.One of the main reasons for the growth is the intensive and continuous training to the clinical management and physicians in preparedness

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