Graham Et Al I Just Need Comments

Graham Et Al I Just Need Comments

A response describing one theory in your own words, and explain its relationship with the gap in the literature you identified.

Utilizing theories to explain findings is a key component of conducting research. A theory is a system for explaining why something is the way it is (Laureate Education, 2015b). Theories in the behavioral and social sciences field explain why people do what they do and how humans operate. Choosing the right theory can help frame the findings and enhance the literature field on a particular subject that adds support to the theory. A researcher may choose to engage in deductive research where the research itself is derived or deduced from a theory that the researcher has identified. Conversely, inductive research commonly begins with people’s experiences or a phenomenon first to explore what is happening (Laureate Education, 2015b).

To identify a theory, Stadtlander (2015) recommends noticing what theories consistently come up in the literature related to the topic. When multiple theories emerge, the researcher can narrow it down by observing how the theories are being used in the studies to make predictions about the results and how common variables interact based on the theory. In reviewing the literature related to the gap I found on forensic populations and learning disabilities, I identified several theories that were used in studies such as attachment theory, relating theory, self-determination theory, and self-efficacy theory. The one I am focusing on for the gap I identified is attachment theory. It was used to explain how a model of learning was successful among a forensic population of learning disabled sexual offenders based on the principles of attachment theory. Specifically, secure attachments provide care, build calm, and promote consistent and respectful relationships. Additionally, attachment theory cites the benefits of a secure attachment that allow a person to feel supported, a sense of belonging, and creates a foundation of stability where the person can attempt to use skills in a non-threatening environment (Graham et al., 2016). The findings of the study noted success with the model and ultimately the clients reported greater stability and confidence in their learning capabilities, as well as an increase in successful relationships with the staff. Attachment theory could be utilized in a study that explores the gap I identified in a qualitative study on violent sexaul offenders with an identified learning disability and their experience with education while residing in a forensic facility. Attachment theory can explain certain ineffective patterns of behavior with others that impact learning. It can also explain the type of environment that can promote learning.


Graham, A., Harbottle, C., & King, D. (2016). Resolve: a community-based forensic learning disability service specialising in supporting male sex offenders – our model, approach and evidence base for effective intervention. Journal of Intellectual Disabilities & Offending Behaviour, 7(4), 186–194.…

Stadtlander, L. M. (2015). Finding your way to a Ph.D.: Advice from the dissertation mentor. CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform.

Walden University Center for Research Quality. (2015b, January 23). Research approaches and theoretical frameworks [Video file]. Retrieved from

A response describing one theory in your own words, and explain its relationship with the gap in the literature you identified.Utilizing theories to explain findings is a key component of

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