Global Reach Technology Describe An Ecommerce We

Global Reach Technology Describe An Ecommerce We

Based on that post, After reviewing the Ecommerce Basics, choose an e-commerce website and describe the features of the site done well and features done poorly. Eight unique features of e-commerce technology, in your response. The eight unique features include ubiquity, global reach, universal standards, richness, interactivity, information density, personalization, and social technology.

1. For this week’s discussion board, I decided to use, this website is quite popular all around the world, mostly, eBay is popular because of its auction bidding, also, it provides B2C, B2B, and C2C transactions as an E-Commerce Basics link described.

Moreover, if we compare this website the eight unique features of e-commerce technology from table 1.2, eBay is available everywhere as soon as the Internet is accessible, also eBay has its own application for mobile devices to make it easier to use. However, eBay is more developed and extended in North America areas, for example, international customers may not have more benefits as Americans have. These might include fast two-day shipping or delivery, or costs for shipping might be high. eBay is accessible all around the world, and people can order many things from eBay, on the other hand, for instance, some products, especially that are from the United States areas might not be available for shipment to Central Asia countries. Because of that many people from Central Asia might not know about eBay. I can say that eBay complies with universal standards, eBay is one of the major e-commerce companies all around the world, they keep their technological standards up to date.

Next, eBay is an online shopping platform that helps people to sell their stuff, many other companies can open their stores, individuals can also sell their stuff. And eBay only allows people to text messages within eBay’s platform and does not give an option for sharing videos or audios. Moving on, it somehow provides interactivity with the customers, after items are shipped most sellers provide a tracking number and with that number buyers can their order. Some major stores that operate under eBay might have a need to pay for inventory rent, tax, shipping cost, and etc. However, with the eBay, sellers get reduced costs because online stores save businesses from paying store rents, utilities, and etc. So, when it comes to customization, eBay provides that kind of feature for sellers to put into their stores. Next, eBay has its own social media, also it gives a feature for both sellers and buyers to share products through social networks.

2.I have chosen to look into as an e-commerce website to review for the following features:

  • Ubiquity – also referred to as m-commerce, ubiquity measures how accessible an e-commerce site is from mobile devices anytime. The Groupon app is available for both Apple and Android users, and since all the site is selling are discounts on other companies products, this site can be accessed and used at anytime of the day.
  • Global Reach – measures how well the company reaches countries around the globe. Groupon does a fairly well job at this by operating in 48 countries around the globe. For comparison purposes, Walmart operates in 27 countries, with physical locations, and 10 countries with e-commerce sites.
  • Universal Standards – with the Groupon successfully operating in 48 different countries it becomes readily apparent that they are operating with universal standards that can be easily managed and applied throughout different countries.
  • Richness – is the measure of the complexity of the message, or information, that is being presented. Groupon offers very high level of richness for the information that they are presenting, for example, they offer an overview of the product and company that produces the product, they explain any stipulations included in the offered deal, they will shoe deadlines for some of their deals, and they often have pictures of what is being offered.
  • Interactivity – is a measure of some form of communication between the customer and the company. Groupon bases some of its recommendations on the customers physical location, and what is near by.
  • Information Density – is a measure of not only the total amount data available, but also the quality and how much of that data is available to all participants. Groupon can only offer what the businesses are willing to post through the site. Therefore, both the consumer and seller are looking at the same information, and that would indicate that both the seller and customer would have the same information.
  • Personalization and customization – this is a measure of the extent that a service is able to be changed due to a customer’s wants or past behavior. Groupon does a great job with this aspect of e-commerce through the accounts that can be set up when searching for deals. Also, the customer can search for specific deals based on location, product, amount saved, and many other customizable settings.
  • Social Technology – this is content that has been generated by the user, and also information that is delivered through social media. Groupon has a social technology aspect with their site. Each deal has a review area for people that have gotten the deal in the past to review, make comments, and give suggestions to future potential deal getters.

3. E-commerce site:

Ubiquity – E-commerce technology is everywhere – work, home, mobile devices

Warby Parker is an online retailer which allows customers to purchase glasses and sunglasses. They also offer a mobile app which makes browsing and purchasing easy with a clean mobile interface.

Global Reach – technology reaches across national boundaries

WP is an American retailer and does not sell internationally.

Universal Standards – there is one set of technology standards

E-commerce lowers market entry costs. Majority of WP’s sales are done online in addition to offering brick and mortar stores.

Richness – video, audio, and text messages are possible

WP offers a rich customer experience by providing help options such as email, live chat, and a call/text option.

Interactivity – technology works through interaction with the user

Customers are able to virtually try on frames by uploading a picture to the site. Customers can also interact with employees through phone, email, or text for help.

Information Density – technology reduces information costs and raises quality

Personalization and Customization – personalization of marketing messages and customization of products and services based on individual characteristics

The site lacks on personalization based on past searches/previous purchases. It does offer customization that a customer can tailor to fit their needs after creating an account.

Social Technology – user generated content and social networks

WP is active on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. All of these social networks are available on their site.

Give any two feedback with examples and thoughts. 5-7 full sentence is fine.

Based on that post, After reviewing the Ecommerce Basics, choose an e-commerce website and describe the features of the site done well and features done poorly. Eight unique features of

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