Five Qualitative Research Approaches Research Met

Five Qualitative Research Approaches Research Met

My assignment has two parts, both are separates

part one has two questions which answer them from the book:

Part one: answer two question in 250 words:

  1. Ethnographic research is one of the five qualitative research approaches discussed inn Creswell and Poth (2018). Please list and explain the defining characteristics of ethnographies. (the file name is
    (ethnography appendix).
  2. Maxwell (2005) in chapter six “Validity how might you be wrong.” Review this chapter and

Responses to questions should center around:

  • Creswell J.W. & Poth, C.N., chapter 4, “Five Qualitative Approaches to Inquiry”
  • Maxwell, chapter 6, Validity: How might you be wrong?

Provide as description of the significance of validity threats. Please choose two validity threats and briefly explain how you, as a researcher would manage or eliminate the threats.

Responses to questions should center around:

part two

Write a 5-6 page paper on your observations.

In a study (Hendrix, K., 1998, Journal of Black Studies, 28, pp. 738-763), the author questioned the reception of cues professors send out to students about their credibility and the manner in which students recognize and interpret those cues (through oral communication) based on the race of their professors. She was interested in the following questions:

  • What verbal and nonverbal communication cues do professors believe lead their students to perceive them as credible? What cues exhibited by professors lead students to perceive them as credible?
  • When the professor’s race is not the same as the majority of the students in the class, what verbal and nonverbal cues does the professor view as leading to student perceptions of credibility? What cues do the students view as leading to perceptions of credibility?

Hendrix also arranged one hour meetings with students who agreed to be interviewed and asked them the following questions: Is the professor credible—w hy or why not? What does it mean to say a professor is credible? What verbal and nonverbal communication cues does the professor give to exhibit or convey credibility? What words are the same as credible? What was your first impression of your professor the first day you came to class?

For your assignment, I am asking you to become a nonparticipant observer and attend (with permission) two classes of two different race professors over a three day period (it is probably best to use either both men or both women as professors). Five dimensions of credibility have been defined including: character, sociability, composure, extroversion, and competence (McCroskey, Holdridge & Toomb, 1974). I suggest you use these dimensions as a matrix to make note of your observations of credibility in the classroom. These observations become your field notes and help you to understand how you have observed interactions between professors and students.

Remember that participant observation and ethnography are concepts to study well before embarking on the actual classroom observation. Also, you should contact the professor or instructor prior to your observation to inform them of the nature of your research and your participation in their classroom. Generally a consent form is required. Remember, too, to thank them for allowing you to observe, both before and after the two observations. A note can be written.

Your goal is to define credibility as observed and as communicated and perceived between professors and their students: Does race make a difference?

This is the suggested format for writing your ethnography:

I. Introduction

Short Discussion of Ethnography and Nonparticipant Observation

Expectations based on research on credibility and race (3-5 articles).

II. Research Design/Problem

Process of Selection and guiding questions

Data Collection

III. Observations

Matrix or Develop your own structure

Personal biases or limitations of the study

IV. Themes and Patterns

V. Conclusions

Write a 5-6 page paper on your observations. Add your field notes as an appendix to your paper.

– I attached Hendrix file.

  • I attache ( Validity file). it has answer of question number 2. also it has( Martix structure).
  • Use creswell books for appendix.. the appendix does not has all the structure. so you can use Merriam book and Maxwell book(Validity file).
  • at the end add field note (what you observe in the class, what you see, how you feel,….).

– Do not forget to add at least 3 article based on the race.

My assignment has two parts, both are separates part one has two questions which answer them from the book: Part one: answer two question in 250 words: Ethnographic research is

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