First Discussion Writing Produce Organization And

First Discussion Writing Produce Organization And…

watch this video and for the first discussion writing produce 200 words about it now that you have completed the interviews and analyzed the trigger event, please participate in this week’s discussion. During this discussion, you will identify two potential needs that are present within the company, and then determine the best course of action to take in order to address the Organization Gap Performance. Well, now you are able to identify when do to a needs analysis. You can assess a situation to find the actual versus expected organizational performance to determine the organizational performance gap. Also at this point, you know how to look for a trigger event. These skills will be invaluable to you as you move forward with training and development.

In Addition a response must be given back to the other students LaCole Smith and Gina DiCrescenza.

Gina DiCrescenza01:09 PM EST, 11 Jan

The Psychology of Motivating Employees through Training and Development Article

I chose the above mentioned article on “The Psychology of Motivating Employees through Training and Development” because I wanted to better understand what exactly motivates us when we learn and develop our skills.

This article was really enjoyable and goes over our own self-worth and that the companies we work for have to ensure that no one suffers from an low self-worth because feelings can certainly impact our actions at work. We become more motivated when we understand how our work matters and this can be done with the help and care of a great manager and good HR Department.

Lastly, the article pointed out that all people are assets worth to be developed and that training and development should be looked upon as an investment and that companies should always remember that it’s so crucial that they value the people that they have working for them. As a result of this, the company will develop an ideal atmosphere for learning and development.

LaCole Smith02:06 PM EST, 18 Jan

Performance Model

Hello Class and Professor,

Watching the this weeks Scenario put a lot of things into perspective when applying how one learns or functions on the job. The two that I liked the best is motivational learning and Environment learning. Motivational learning because I believe that giving direction and staying on someone in a positive way to achieve a goal, is a effective way to get one involved while possibly learning something as well and producing a good outcome for the company. As far as Environmental learning, I think this is something we do self consciously in our day to day learning in our life let alone the work force. Example, for myself I am in a school environment with special needs kids, I have to be prepared for whatever the kid decides to do that day whether it be nice or not so nice, either or a have to react in a certain manner that wont harm them or effect my job.………watch this video and for the first discussion writing produce 200 words about it now that you have completed the interviews and analyzed the trigger event, please participate in this

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