Eliminate Superfluous Lead Phrases Write A Paper

Eliminate Superfluous Lead Phrases Write A Paper

This is a 1,000 word paper (five pages plus or minus a half page not including references; see below for
formatting details). When writing the paper use the following formatting instructions: 1) use ONE inch margins on all
sides of the page; 2) use one and half (1.5 inches) as line spacing; 3) Use font size 10 or 12 and a
common font type such asTimes New Roman. I want you to write about Down Syndrome. You will need to do some extensive reading before writing. All of your references must have been published in 2010 to 2016. This applies to both
books and articles. You can use older sources if they prove helpful in your understanding of the topic
but all literature cited must be from 2010 to the present. You must have a minimum of two peer
reviewed articles out of a total of three (3) or four (4) sources. Personal communication is not
acceptable. The two peer reviewed articles are in the links: http://web.b.ebscohost.com.hmlproxy.lib.csufresno…. and http://web.b.ebscohost.com.hmlproxy.lib.csufresno…. if you cannot reach the links please let me know. You will need to include 2 more sources on your own. You may not use internet web pages. The only exceptions to this are when: 1) a professional
society publishes their journal online, 2) online articles available from Discover, American Scientist,
New Scientist, Scientific American, or Science News, etc, 3) the articles that the library has available
online through the search engines they make available, 4) the web site is from the National Institutes of
Health (NIH).
You should cite the NIH as follows:
National Institutes of Health, website, Hemochromatosis
Limit citations of NIH web pages to only one or two, and do not base all of your citation on NIH
web sites.You should have three sections: an introductory paragraph, the main body of your paper, and a
concluding paragraph. The introductory paragraph should explain what topic you are discussing and
outline your main ideas. The main body of the paper covers the topic as described in the above list.
Then try to come to some conclusion that you can defend. You need to present a full list of references
at the end of your paper. Please note that this is not meant to be a technical science paper. Most science topics require
too much background and training to allow you to adequately assess their significance. However, you
will need to use some technical (scientific) literature (such as peer-reviewed articles) so that it will be on
a level appropriate to this course.Throughout the body of your paper, whenever you refer to outside sources of information, you
must cite the sources from which you drew information. The simplest way to do this is to parenthetically
give the author’s last name and the year of publication, e.g., (Clarke 2001). When citing information
from another’s publication, be sure to report the relevant aspects of the work clearly and succinctly, IN
YOUR OWN WORDS to avoid plagiarism. DO NOT USE FOOTNOTES: Footnoting, although commonly done in books and other literary
writing, is only rarely done in the scientific literature. Cite references in the flow of the text as shown
• DO NOT USE DIRECT QUOTES From Published Material: In 99.99% of the cases, the
information you want from a research article is an objective result or interpretation. How the author
stated this information, i.e., their prose, is of little importance compared to the results or
interpretations themselves. Take the information and put it into your own words; avoid
plagiarism. Implicit in these instructions is the assumption that you are checking the content for
scientific correctness and accuracy.
check the sequence of ideas/background/content in each section for logical progression
(your topic sentences should do this). check for a strong relationship of ideas between the Introduction (what we knew before our
study) and the Discussion (how our study changes or supports our previous understanding).
• PARAGRAPH check that each paragraph has a coherent topic sentence, most often as the lead
in each paragraph do the other sentences support the topic sentence?
check the transitions between paragraphs to ensure they are logical and smooth.
check for consistent and correct use of terminology.
can you change a passive verb construction to an active verb?
eliminate superfluous lead phrases (Once that was done, ..).
remove all colloquial language.
check for redundancy (i.e., places where you repeat what you have said elsewhere). read each sentence closely for clarity and brevity. Can you say the same thing with
fewer words?
READ THE PAPER ALOUD to find those quirky sentences that you wrote while still half
asleep – if doesn’t sound correct when spoken aloud, it will read even more oddly.
• MISCELLANEOUS check that all of your sources are cited correctly in the text.
check the Literature Cited for completeness and correct format.
are the authors’ names spelled correctly?
run spell check on the document to find typographical errors and read carefully for
spelling and grammatical errors. In a sentence using active voice, the subject of the sentence performs the action expressed in
the verb. Active voice is used for most non-scientific writing. Using active voice for the majority of your
sentences makes your meaning clear for readers, and keeps the sentences from becoming too
complicated or wordy. APA format, minimum 1000 words, ONE inch margins on all sides of pages, no quotations: Paraphrase information with proper citations. no personal statements: Use more scientific/technical phrasing.

This is a 1,000 word paper (five pages plus or minus a half page not including references; see below for formatting details). When writing the paper use the following formatting

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