Doc Knowledge Management Project

Doc Knowledge Management Project

this project is 3 parts which means there are 3 assignment, now i only needs the first 2 parts and will pay more when i need the third parts. plz see the attach file

knowledge mgmt textbook:…


  • The assignments are to be submitted through Brightspace, at or before 11:59 pm Atlantic time, on the specified due date.
  • A penalty for late assignments will be assessed, unless prior permission has been given by the instructor to submit an assignment late, which normally will be for extended illness, medical, or family emergencies only.
  • Late submissions will be assessed a penalty of five percent per day, including weekends. Assignments will not normally be accepted seven days or more after the due date; in such cases the student will receive a grade of zero. Time management should be considered a priority.
  • You must also check your assignments after attaching them – attaching the wrong file is the equivalent of not submitting the assignment. No leeway is given for computer failures, internet problems, ill-tempered pets, and so on.
  • Proper grammar and spelling are strongly considered in the evaluation of every assignment. If your assignment is not readable, this will negatively affect your grade.
  • All material not originating with you must be cited. This applies to direct quotes, paraphrases, and inspiration (basing your own writing on someone else’s ideas). Research cited in your work is to come from verifiable and legitimate sources only. All papers will be examined using Urkund for Academic Integrity. You may examine your Urkund report prior to submitting the paper.
  • The required citation style for this course is the American Psychological Association Publication (APA) Manual (sixth ed. 2010).
  • All assignments must;
    • Be submitted as a “.doc”, “.docx”, or a “.pdf” to be accepted.
    • Be single-spaced, and pages must be numbered.
    • Use 12-point font in either Arial or Times New Roman.
    • Use 1-inch (2.54cm) margins on all 4 sides of the page.
    • Have a cover page including your first and last names, official Dal email, your TA’s name, assignment title, and due date of the assignment

this project is 3 parts which means there are 3 assignment, now i only needs the first 2 parts and will pay more when i need the third parts. plz

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