Cut Across Disciplinary Boundaries Philosophical

Cut Across Disciplinary Boundaries Philosophical

4. Write a report, a literature review (@ 150 – 200 words), of the philosophical scene in your selected area using your best three articles. Discuss the philosophical scene as you can best ascertain it letting the three items be the representatives of the literature. Refer specifically to the items in your review by the author’s last name and the number in your bibliography of three.

5. Finally, Identify the article (from your little bibliography of three) that you have chosen to examine further for Research 5 and 6, upcoming. Identify by author, article title, journal source, volume, date, page, one more time. but this time display (1) the abstract underneath, and (2) the last paragraph of the article. Make sure the article is a philosophical treatment of a topic in the philosophy of “X”. Explain why you believe your search successfully retrieved a philosophy article, peer reviewed, etc. Discuss more fully the logic of the search for that selection.

An abstract?
An abstract is a summary of the article. it is about as long as a paragraph. It often is at the top of the article. The abstract is usually author supplied. Sometimes the database separates it out and you have to click on one of the additional links given with the article title. Not all articles, however, have abstracts.

Before giving up hope on finding an abstract for your selection. Try this: now that you have your selected article, found in the SMC database, etc. do an internet search with the author’s name and article’s title. Very often other subscription based databases themselves will provide an abstract for an article that doesn’t have one. Your article will probably pop up on the internet in one of those special databases and it will have been provided with an abstract, just not author supplied. Look at a few and If there isn’t one there, just say so.
You are trying to find out a little something about the article, and the abstract of an article can be very helpful, especially if you are doing extensive literature searches.

1. Imitation of art

Author: Lance esplund

Title: Imitation of Art

Source : Harper’s magazine

Publication date: May 2004

Volume: 308 Issue 1848

Page: p87-91. 5p 3 Color Photographs


Author: Robert Kudielka

Title: According to What: Art and the Philosophy of the ‘End of Art’.

Source: History and Theory

Publication date: Dec 1998

Vol. 37 Issue 4,

Page: 87. 15p.

Article #3

Authors: John Bruhn

Title: Interdisciplinary Research: A Philosophy, Art Form, Artifact or Antidote?

Source: Integrative Physiological & Behavioral Science

Publication date: January 2000

Volume: 35, issue 1

Page: 58 of the article.


A Philosophy, Art Form, Artifact or Antidote?

Abstract–Interdisciplinary research has many faces–a philosophy, an art form, an artifact, and an antidote. It is all of these things because interdisciplinary research attempts to ask questions in ways that cut across disciplinary boundaries. This is not politically correct and universities especially find it difficult to manage interdisciplinarians and their projects. The author argues that interdisciplinary research has persisted as an alternative when traditional research approaches have failed to come up with answers to common problems. Interdisciplinary research will continue to survive as long as there are creative, risk-taking scientists who are dissatisfied with the political and organizational boundaries we establish around disciplines which limit our ability to learn about their commonalities. [ABSTRACT FROM AUTHOR]
Copyright of Integrative Physiological & Behavioral Science is the property of Springer Nature and its content may not be copied or emailed to multiple sites or posted to a listserv without the copyright holder’s express written permission. However, users may print, download, or email articles for individual use. This abstract may be abridged. No warranty is given about the accuracy of the copy. Users should refer to the original published version of the material for the full abstract. (Copyright applies to all Abstracts.)

4. Write a report, a literature review (@ 150 – 200 words), of the philosophical scene in your selected area using your best three articles. Discuss the philosophical scene as

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