Cigarette Use Vaping Write A 3 Pages Assignment

Cigarette Use Vaping Write A 3 Pages Assignment

Part 2: The Present

For the second part of your paper, you’ll compare some current information to the historical data from part 1. For part 2, there is a three-page limit.

To write this part of the paper, you’ll need to read these resources:

1. Tobacco Product Use Among Middle and High School Students (I uploaded it)

2. Surgeon General’s Advisory (I uploaded it)

Based on these readings, address the following:

Summarize the “new” data and the state of the problem (5 points, approximately .5 to .75 page)

To begin your paper, summarize why the U.S. Surgeon General issued an advisory by writing a few sentences to explain the purpose of the Surgeon General’s statement.

Then, describe general trends in the following based on the 2011-2018 data: To the best of our knowledge, what is the extent (e.g., frequency) of adolescent tobacco use in middle school and high school, and what stands out as being especially concerning? When you look at the data, who (for example, using data on race and sex) is most likely to use tobacco products in middle school and high school? When did we see a shift toward e-cigarette use (“vaping”)? To conclude this section, explain how the data showed changes in the frequency of middle-school and high-school students’ tobacco product use changed from 2017-2018 with a focus on summarizing figure 1.

Connect these data to the “old” problem (10 points, approximately 1 page)

In this section, you’re asked to look for similarities between these recent data on adolescent tobacco use (the “new” problem) and the history of cigarette smoking in the U.S. (the “old” problem). Analyze how this “new” problem might not really be a “new” problem at all: To what extent are recent trends in adolescent e-cigarette use (“vaping”) similar to past trends in cigarette smoking? How are some of the people and companies involved in the vaping “epidemic” the same as they were in the cigarette smoking “epidemic” during the 1900s? With adolescents’ behavior shifting toward vaping, how might we use what we know about cigarette smoking in the past to address this new problem? Analyze, specifically, how landmark milestones (e.g., 1964, 1986 , and 1988) might inform our understanding of this “new” issue. (What happened in those years that we could use to inform our discussion of vaping now?)

Evaluate how well this was represented in the news (10 points, approximately 1 page)

Compare the data from your part 2 readings to the news article that you annotated in part 1. (I uploaded it) How well did the CNBC news article represent the 2011-2018 trends in tobacco use? Provide a logical critique of how the news article presented data on teen vaping and tobacco use more broadly. This critique should show similarities between the news article’s reporting (from part 1) and the report on the 2011-2018 data, but it must focus on the ways in which the news article could represent these data more “fairly.” Make direct comparisons between the CNBC article and the report on tobacco use in middle school and high school. (This is why you were asked to annotate the news article in part 1.) You’ll be evaluated based on your critical thinking, and your focus should be on using evidence to explain why a given part of the news article was “fair” or not in reporting on this issue. Because this part of the paper may be more open-ended that other papers that people will ask you to write, please meet with us to ask questions as you draft your paper.

Think about intervention (2 points, use remainder of page limit): With clear connections to course topics of your choosing, use the remaining space to share your thoughts on the following: In what situations might adolescents be especially likely to start smoking/vaping? Why? Knowing that, how might we find an effective approach to stopping the current problem? For example, you might discuss key considerations of adolescent biosocial development, cognition, or psychosocial development. (Limit your focus, here.)

Use references and style appropriately (3 points)

Open your paper with an APA-style title page, and use a running header. Use in-text references (a) to indicate what article you’re summarizing and (b) any time you paraphrase or use specific data from a reading. Provide an APA-style (Links to an external site.)reference list at the end of your paper. Include the Surgeon General’s chapter, the CNBC article, your textbook, and the two new readings for part 2. (If you get stuck with style, let’s work together on Piazza.) The title page and references don’t count toward the page limit.

I also upload the part 1 of the paper, please check it.

And here is the link to textbook,…

Part 2: The PresentFor the second part of your paper, you’ll compare some current information to the historical data from part 1. For part 2, there is a three-page limit.To

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