Burt Et Al Response To Below Dq Apa Format 175

Burt Et Al Response To Below Dq Apa Format 175


In this week’s discussion posts I would answer questions on interviewing techniques for conducting a patients overall assessment.

The Meaning Of To Document Accurately and Appropriately

The patient health information should be recorded and detailed as much as possible. So that to provide accurate and reliable information about the patient.

Documenting Guidelines

A nursing documentation includes an introduction, aim definitions of terms, process, special considerations, a companion document, evidence table and references. Documentation also need to precise and on topic for the right reimbursement.

Use of Abbreviations

The abbreviations are used by medical practitioners when they want to simplify patient notes (Cole & Bird, 2013). Clinicians must use the appropriate abbreviations that was formulated to be use.

Difference between Subjective Data and Objective Data

Subjective data are information collected from the patient through the interview. Objective data are obtained by assessing the patient through physical examination, and laboratory tests.

Meaning Of Clinical Reasoning Skills

Clinical reasoning skills are skills which are used by medical practitioners to arrive at an appropriate decision concerning treatment, diagnosis, and prevention of a certain disease.

How to Use Clinical Reasoning to Plan the Organization

Clinical reasoning can be used to identify various issues concerning an organization and through that, someone can be able to plan and establish a stable organization (Burt et al., 2014).

Variation of Document of Normal and Abnormal Assessment Findings

Normal findings are documented on a different table with the findings of the abnormal assessment.

Factors Which Influence Appropriate and Test Necessary for assessment

It is influenced by the factors like behavioral, social, and the condition of the patient.

Personal Strengths, Limitations, Beliefs, Prejudices, and Values

Some patients have good communication skills, while others have poor communication skills, while others embrace beliefs and values which hinder them from assessing medical treatments.

How the Factors Above Affect Collection of a Comprehensive Health History

Poor communication affects the accuracy of the information collected from the patient.

How to Develop Strong Communication Skills

Someone can develop good communication skills by learning nonverbal communication.

The technique I Used To Interview the Patient to Elicit Subjective Health Information

I used the questionnaire method since it the appropriate them which will give relevant information about the patient.

Follow-Up Questions Used To Evaluate Patient Condition

I will ask the patient his condition after the medication so as to know whether the medical approach used to treat his condition is effective (Shochet et al., 2013).

How to Demonstrate Empathy for Patient

I will empower and encourage patient about their condition and also advise them on how to take charge of their health

Opportunities That I Will Take To Educate the Patient

I will take the advantage of technology, whereby I will print the useful information on how to live a healthy life and give it to the patient.


Burt, J., Abel, G., Elmore, N., Campbell, J., Roland, M., Benson, J., & Silverman, J. (2014). Assessing communication quality of consultations in primary care: initial reliability of the Global Consultation Rating Scale, based on the Calgary-Cambridge Guide to the Medical Interview. BMJ open, 4(3), e004339.

Cole, S. A., & Bird, J. (2013). The Medical Interview E-Book: The Three Function Approach. Elsevier Health Sciences.

Shochet, R., King, J., Levine, R., Clever, S., & Wright, S. (2013). ‘Thinking on my feet’: an improvisation course to enhance students’ confidence and responsiveness in the medical interview. Education for Primary Care, 24(2), 119-124

InterviewIn this week’s discussion posts I would answer questions on interviewing techniques for conducting a patients overall assessment. The Meaning Of To Document Accurately and AppropriatelyThe patient health information should

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