Behavioral Indicators Evaluating Tb Capstone Case

Behavioral Indicators Evaluating Tb Capstone Case

Health Care Delivery and Cross Cultural Health Perspectives

Case Assignment

In the scenario from Module 1, we see a co-worker of Sara displaying symptoms of TB. View Tuberculosis Prevention video before responding to the following questions:

  1. How could have the organization prevented the likelihood of Sara and her co-worker contracting the disease? Explain.
  2. Explain the organization’s role and responsibilities in providing safety to workers on the job.
  3. What are the rights and responsibilities of workers to ensure their own safety in the job?
  4. What are some of the leadership qualities needed to prevent workers from being exposed to communicable diseases?

Length: 3-4 pages, excluding title page and references. 4 cited sources from required reading

SARA:Your supervisor told you that she recently received a call from an
advocate whom an employee consulted via the Employee Assistance Program
because the employee felt that she had been treated unfairly after
contracting an illness. She explained that a few months ago, one of your
agency’s home health aides, Sara, became ill. Sara had been coughing
for approximately six weeks, lost weight without trying, had no
appetite, was having difficulty sleeping, and had an intermittent fever.
She became concerned and went to see a healthcare professional who
diagnosed her with active tuberculosis (TB).

Sara missed a lot of time from work while completing treatment for
TB. Her physician cleared her to return to work after she was no longer
contagious. Upon returning to work, Sara felt isolated because her boss
and co-workers refused to spend time with her. She heard that someone
from the agency’s Human Resources Department told her co-workers her
diagnosis. The stressful circumstances at work became even worse when
another home health aide started to display the same symptoms Sara had.

Your supervisor has asked you to review the entire situation and how
it was handled by the agency. Each module includes information about
epidemiology, health statistics, public health, health communication and
advocacy, health literacy, healthcare delivery systems, the Affordable
Care Act, ethical considerations, human resources management, legal
aspects, cultural and global perspectives, and financial considerations
for the organization.

Required Reading

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affordable care act. Health Affairs, 34(1), 170-177. doi:

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prevention among healthcare workers. Clinical Infectious Diseases, 62(suppl 3), S268-S274.

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health care workers from tuberculosis in China: a review of policy and
practice in China and the United States. Health policy and planning, 28(1), 100-109.

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State, South Africa: the pivotal role of information systems. Global Health Action, 9, 10.3402/gha.v9.30528.

Health Care Delivery and Cross Cultural Health PerspectivesCase Assignment In the scenario from Module 1, we see a co-worker of Sara displaying symptoms of TB. View Tuberculosis Prevention video before

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