Arti Recommended Referencesamerican The Intervie

Arti Recommended Referencesamerican The Intervie

500 word

Week 5 – Assignment

Campus Leader Interview

This week you are tasked with interviewing a college leader (Department Chair, Dean, Vice-President, President, etc.). The interview will be structured including the list of 10 questions below. Note: Your peers will be reading your interviews as part of the Week Six summative assessment. You will want to include as much detail in each answer as possible. You can organize your document in a question/answer format. At the end of your paper (in your own words), articulate significant highlights or “takeaways” from the interview.

  1. Please give a brief background of your education and experience.
  2. Briefly describe the type of setting you work in and the duties of your position.
  3. What would you consider to be some important best practices for leaders?
  4. How would you define diversity?
  5. Do you feel understanding diversity is an important part of your job? If so, what do you do to ensure your knowledge continues to develop in this area?
  6. Do you encourage and support diversity training on your campus?
  7. How do you advocate for students with diverse learning needs?
  8. How would you motivate faculty that are uninterested in diversity training and/or feel it is a waste of time?
  9. How would you go about institutionalizing leadership practices that serve diverse populations?
  10. What specific leadership challenges do you have with respect to diversity?

WK 6


Required References

Dingel, M., & Wei, W. (2014). Influences on peer evaluation in a group project: an exploration of leadership, demographics and course performance.Assessment & Evaluation in Higher Education, 39(6), 729-742.

Kezar, A. (2007). Tools for a time and place: Phased leadership strategies to institutionalize a diversity agenda. Review of Higher Education, 30(4), 413-439.

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Mittal, R. (2015). Charismatic and transformational leadership styles: A cross-cultural perspective. International Journal of Business and Management, 10(3), 26. Retrieved from…

Recommended References

American Council on Education. (2013). Matter of excellence: A guide to strategic diversity leadership and accountability in higher education. Retrieved from

500 word Week 5 – AssignmentCampus Leader InterviewThis week you are tasked with interviewing a college leader (Department Chair, Dean, Vice-President, President, etc.). The interview will be structured including the

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