Answer Students Questions Please Check Grammar A

Answer Students Questions Please Check Grammar A

  • 1, Describe a situation where you had to deal with multiple tasks/projects within a tight deadline. Explain the situation, your actions and the result.

March of 2018 was the busiest month in my whole life. I took four courses at the university and all of the finals were in the third week of March. I participated in the Financial Analysis team project competition and the presentation was at the end of March. I volunteered in the volunteer of Volunteer Income Tax Assistance. Moreover, I was an economics tutor and responsible for 500 pre-major students.

Although the workload was heavy, I had my own planning and organizing techniques to complete the tasks. I organized the tasks from most important to least. The order was finals, competition, tutoring, and volunteering. Because the tax return deadline was April 15th, I had the chance to put off my tax work until April. I took care of complicated and important tasks beforehand, so I began studying for the finals in the beginning of March. And I broke down the team project into small pieces so allowed me not get too overwhelmed. I started tutoring from September 2017, so I was ready to answer students’ questions without heavy preparation time.

I did an excellent job on my finals, ranged top 10% in my class. And my team placed first in the competition.

2. Think of a situation where you have made a significant contribution to the team’s success. Describe the situation, your role and contribution, and the result.

In the spring, I participated in a Financial Analysis team project competition. Every team has 6 members and each team represented a company. Our task was to analyze the company’s financial reports and sell its stocks to audiences. My team represented Costco and I was the team leader. Before assigning individual tasks to each member, I genuinely asked everyone’s opinion and took the part that no one wanted to take. I leaded the team discuss, planed every group meeting, and checked project progress every day. Because the task was complicated, I divided 6 members into 3 small groups so they were accompanied outside of group meetings. I prepared a 5 year and terminal value forecast for Costco, determined future revenue and expenses changes, and calculated an estimate of the share price of Costco which almost match the actual trading price. When there was a problem that all members could not solve, I collected them and asked professors and did research at library. After everyone finished their tasks, I collected and organized them into one tone. During our practice of presentation, I encouraged members and eased their pressure. Although the completion was competitive and the deadline was tight, we were able to finish our tasks on time and we all enjoyed the whole process and became real friends. Most importantly, We placed first in the competition.

1, Describe a situation where you had to deal with multiple tasks/projects within a tight deadline. Explain the situation, your actions and the result. March of 2018 was the busiest

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