Also Use Standard 12 Research Paper About A Compa

Also Use Standard 12 Research Paper About A Compa

You will be required to turn in a 3-4 page research paper about a company (of your choice) that has offices overseas. Describe its business model and how it works in that country. Explain how a company has to operate with laws and culture within that country. Show the differences between working in America and the country you have chosen.Your paper should contain the following:

    • Title Page
    • Tile of the paper, your name, school, and date.
    • The body of the paper will have, an Introduction
    • 3-4 pages (double-spaced, no more than 12 pt. font)
    • Conclusion
    • Reference Page. In APA format.

    Paper Grading Criteria:Organization: 20 points possible
    Flow/Readability: 20 points possible
    Content/Knowledge: 20 points possible
    Bibliography/References: 10 points possible
    Followed Guidelines/APA format: 20 points possible
    Grammar/Spelling: 10 points possible
    Total: 100 points

  • Suggestions when writing your paper:
    1. Formatting: Be sure to use APA format. You should also use standard 12 pt. fonts (not bolded/italicized, except to emphasize a point, because they can be distracting).
    2. Cover Page: Your cover page should include the title of your paper, your name and the course name (or school name).
    3. References: The references should include only the articles that you cited in your paper. This should be a separate sheet and the last page of your paper. Refer to APA guidelines for citing and listing sources in your references. Although internet links are helpful, you should also use proper citation of author, article, etc. and not just list a link in the references, or when you cite in the paper.
    4. Citing: Be very careful when you cite the information in the articles you use. You should write the ideas in your own words, rather than copying what the author had to say word-for-word. If you do use a specific line, make sure that you quote it so that it’s clear that it’s not your words. Do not take whole paragraphs and use them to make up a whole section of your paper (even if you cite the author).
    5. Research: Your research should include several types of journals and other articles on the topic you are researching. Read the articles and try to integrate the main ideas and common points into your paper. The goal is to find several sources on the same topic that, when integrated, add value to the topic and your paper.
    6. Grammar/Spelling: You are writing at the college level, so always use the Spell Check and pay close attention to grammar. Read your paper several times and you will catch mistakes that you might not have noticed when you were first writing it. This will make the final product much better.
    7. Writing: When writing a research paper, try to avoid using the first person (saying “I think this…” etc.) unless you are speaking specifically about a personal situation. For example, if you were writing about the Internet and its effect on education, you could start out: “The Internet has drastically changed the way we live and has especially changed the way that many students are obtaining their education.” rather than “I am going to write my paper about the Internet and education” or “This paper is about the Internet. I am going to cover its impact on education.” Do you see the difference? The first line sounds much more professional than the last two.
    8. Don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions or need some direction.

You will be required to turn in a 3-4 page research paper about a company (of your choice) that has offices overseas. Describe its business model and how it works

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